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A Brief Parachute History

(Right) On February 4 1912, Franz Reichelt, will jump off the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, wearing this crazy homemade flying suit created to slow down his fall to the ground. Tragically, Reichelt will fall to his death like a tombstone and even leaves a 12' deep print in the ground. Legend and Facts: According to the legend, it seems that the first use of a device intended to slow the fall of a man in the air was made in China some 4000 years before JC. As the story told us, Shun, the Emperor itself trapped in his palace...

Gen Lesley J. McNair’s Folly

While serving as an armor officer in the US Army during the cold war, I had access to considerable amounts of intelligence information about Soviet towed antitank guns. Minute details about the physical characteristics and capabilities of the guns were available, but nothing could be found concerning the tactics one might potentially be encountering. A quest was begun, both as a matter of curiosity and one of potential self-preservation, to learn more about towed antitank guns. The field proved to be a fascinating one. My interest was further stimulated by an incident that happened while I was serving as a...

644-TDB – (William R. Lally)

My name is Daron, and I am a collector of vintage. My latest obsession is with Vogue Picture records....

Carol Klinger Woolbright

This is a request from a friend in Columbus Ga, Carol Klinger which is not only a friend but...

Château de Roumont

Dear Members of the European Center of Military History, My name is Arthur Coppee, I'm a young fan of the...

Jedburgh (12-AG Support) 1944

Foreword The Jedburghs were three-man teams parachuted into occupied France after D-Day to develop liaison with the Resistance. They were...

AGF Cbt Observations 319.1/48

319.1/48 (Foreign Obsrs) (S) GNGBI. (3-29-43) SUBJECT: Observer Report. E.S. Johnson, Col Infantry / Observator TO : By Auth Commanding General, Army...

Parachute Raiders – USMC-WW-2

Lt Col Jon T. Hoffman, US Marine Corps Reserve. Official Study - War Department, Silk Chutes and Hard Fighting,...

Doolittle Tokyo Raid – 18/04/1942

The Doolittle Raid of April 18 1942, was the first air raid by the USA to strike the Japanese...

AVG – Flying Tigers

You fly a P-40 with two hundred gallons of aviation fuel that last two and a half hours for...

AIR OPs – CBI – WW-2

Air Operations - China-Burma-India Maj Edward M. Hudak, Command and General Staff College, May 31, 1949. The problem! To determine the...

6-MD (Baker 29) Okinawa – April 1945

Operations of the Gun Platoon, Baker Co, 1/29th Regiment, 6th Marine Division, Okinawa, Ryukyus Islands, April 1, 1945 -...

6-ID (Charlie 63) Mt Mataba Luzon 1945

The Sixth Army (6-A) landed on the southeastern shores of Lingayen Gulf, Luzon Island, on Jan 9, 1945, against...

24-ID – Mindanao – April-August 1945

Operations of the 24th Infantry Division, invasion of Mindanao (with Emphasis on G-1 Activities), Philippine Islands, April 17 1945...

124-CAV (2-Sq) Knight’s Hill Burma 1945

China - Burma - India Operation of the 2nd Squadron, 124th Cavalry Regiment (Special) during the Battle of Knight's Hill...

124-CAV (Able) Nampakkha 1945

China-Burma-India Operation of Troop A, 124th Cavalry Regiment, Mars Task Force, in the Battle of Nam-Pak-Kha, Jan 28, 1945, to...

5307 Galahad – CBI – Feb/ May 1944

In the thick of battle, the soldier is busy doing his job. He has the knowledge and confidence that...


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