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Patton’s Desert Training Center

This archive - Georges S. Patton's Desert Training Center - was written by Col John Kennedy, US Air Force (Ret) Col John Lynch, and Mr. Robert L. Wooley. The...

The Italian Army WW-2

The Italian Army in World War Two Woody Turnbow Background and Preparations A. The Italian armed forces were faced with a conflict between theories of employment. They had historically been structured for...

Château de Roumont

Dear Members of the European Center of Military History, My name is Arthur Coppee, I'm a young fan of the Battle of the Bulge based in Belgium and I'm looking...

Will Love – Fort Douglas

This is a request of one friend on Linkedin, William Love, Military Specialist, Fort Douglas Military Museum. William Love sent the following message : Hello Doc, I am currently coordinating the restoration...

644-TDB – (William R. Lally)

My name is Daron, and I am a collector of vintage. My latest obsession is with Vogue Picture records. They were made in the years 1946-1947. An ad in...

AGF Cbt Observations 319.1/48

319.1/48 (Foreign Obsrs) (S) GNGBI. (3-29-43) SUBJECT: Observer Report. E.S. Johnson, Col Infantry / Observator TO : By Auth Commanding General, Army Ground Forces / Date 3/29/43 Commanding Generals : V Army; Second...

Parachute Raiders – USMC-WW-2

Lt Col Jon T. Hoffman, US Marine Corps Reserve. Official Study - War Department, Silk Chutes and Hard Fighting, USMC Parachute Units in World War II, History and Museums...

Jedburgh (12-AG Support) 1944

Foreword The Jedburghs were three-man teams parachuted into occupied France after D-Day to develop liaison with the Resistance. They were truly inter-allied, French (103), Belgian (5), Dutch (5), British (90)...

Doolittle Tokyo Raid – 18/04/1942

The Doolittle Raid of April 18 1942, was the first air raid by the USA to strike the Japanese home islands during WW-2. The mission was notable in that...

AVG – Flying Tigers

You fly a P-40 with two hundred gallons of aviation fuel that last two and a half hours for five hundred miles. When you fill-up with another two hundred...

AIR OPs – CBI – WW-2

Air Operations - China-Burma-India Maj Edward M. Hudak, Command and General Staff College, May 31, 1949. The problem! To determine the need for, extent, and results of air operations in the...

6-MD (Baker 29) Okinawa – April 1945

Operations of the Gun Platoon, Baker Co, 1/29th Regiment, 6th Marine Division, Okinawa, Ryukyus Islands, April 1, 1945 - April 18, 1945. Capt David W. Banks The war in the...

6-ID (Charlie 63) Mt Mataba Luzon 1945

The Sixth Army (6-A) landed on the southeastern shores of Lingayen Gulf, Luzon Island, on Jan 9, 1945, against relatively light enemy opposition. A beachhead was established and all...

24-ID – Mindanao – April-August 1945

Operations of the 24th Infantry Division, invasion of Mindanao (with Emphasis on G-1 Activities), Philippine Islands, April 17 1945 - August 11 1945. (Personal Experience of a Division General...

5307 Galahad – CBI – Feb/ May 1944

In the thick of battle, the soldier is busy doing his job. He has the knowledge and confidence that his Job is part of a unified plan to defeat...

5307 – Combined Ops Burma 1944

During the Second World War, the United States fought as a member of the largest military coalition ever formed. Across the world, millions of American soldiers, sailors, and airmen...

5307 Galahad – Walawbum March 1944

Operations of the 5307th Composite Unit, Provisional, (Merrill's Marauders) in Walawbum, Burma, Mar 2, to Mar 7, 1944, China - Burma - India Campaign, Maj John K. Eney Orientation &...


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