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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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POW Interrogation Reports

This category is to publish the Prisoners of War Interrogation Reports, mostly German Prisoners, beside the fact that every Prisoner Interrogated can be added in this category. If, by any chance, you have papers, diaries or even photos related to this subject don’t hesitate to add them (upload) to the collection. (Thank You)

IPW Report (26/1-ID) (20/12/44)

Document Source: Interrogation Report on 8 Prisoners of War captured by Baker Co, 1/26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. 1/Lt William Boehme, QMC, Interrogator Headquarters 26th Infantry Regiment A.P.O 1, US Army December 20, 1944 Subject: Interrogation Report on 8 Prisoners of War...

IPW Report (120/30-ID) (22/12/44)

Source Document: IPW Team N° 43, Headquarters 120th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, Interrogation Report N° 104. December 22, 1944, 1100 (1) General information from PW was captured by Baker Co, 526th Armored Infantry Battalion; PW was brought into this battalion...

IPW Report (HQ 2-ID) (18/12/44)

Source Document: Extract G-2 Report #176, HQ 2nd Infantry Division, December 18, 1944. Prisoner of War Interrogation Report N°88 (1) A total of 33 Prisoners of War were processed through the Division Cage during the period. 25.SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment, 12.SS-Panzer-Division 2nd Company - 1...