Please remember you can answer to these request freely.

Matteo D’Angella: Hello, I’m a university student with the passion for history in spare time I want kindly add that 504th PIR fought mainly against the 29th Panzergrenadier Regiment and at Altavilla from my researches the main opponent was GR 15. This Regiment then fought also against the 100th American-Japanese Battalion, as I wrote long ago to 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Education Center Kind Regards Matteo D’Angella. 17 Apr 2024
– Thank you Matteo

Amar J. Arias: Hi, my name is Maj Arias and I’m with 4-ID. I was looking over your WWII photos and I want to frame several of them and place them around the 4-ID HQ building. But I need photos with higher resolutions. Do you have a way or recommend a better way to access the photos? Thank you. 27 Mar 2024
– Dear Maj Amar, just give me a little more time and I will get you several photos HD of the 4-ID.

Ron Naumann: Looking for information on the 796th AAA AW Sp specifically my uncle 1st Sgt Ralph Lorentz C battery probably 1st Pltn. The unit was attached to the 10th army in ETO and to the 419th FA during Ardennes – BOB. Also other FA units during other actions. Have found 200 plus photos from mid April to late June 1945 in Germany, plus family letters and am attempting to write a narrative of his service. Thank you. 23 Mar 2024
– Ron, can you share good scan (300 DPI) of the photos (combat)? Thank You.

Gary Gocek: Are you planning to delete and all the files? 29 Feb 2024.
– No Gary. I’m not sure what I will do but right now I am still thinking about and this will last a long time.

Yann PERROTTE Hello, I represent the 80th anniversary Committee of St-Pierre-Eglise (Cotentin Peninsula, not to be confused with Ste-Mère-Eglise) is this picture free please? ( we would use it on a public exhibit panel honoring the 4th Cavalry Group which liberated our village. Thanks Y. Perrotte. 23 Feb 2024
– Evidement Yann que tu peux utiliser cette photo. D’ailleurs à l’attention de tous les visiteurs du site, les photos US Signal Corps, US Air Force, US Navy etc, (WW2) sont dans le domaine public et peuvent êtres utilisée sans problème. La seule chose c’est d’utiliser NARA pour la provenance et EUCMH pour l’endroit où elles sont publiées.

Harvey Miller: Hello, I’ve analyzed your website and found significant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues impacting its visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We can fix this. If boosting your online presence is a priority, please share your “Phone Number” and suggest a suitable time for a call. Let’s discuss and address these concerns promptly. Thank you, and I look forward to optimizing your website’s search engine performance. Best regards, Harvey Miller. 31 Jan 2024
– Hello Harvey. Thank you for the proposal but since the birth of the Wokies, the LGBTQSVVERTASRR+++ and the Women with penises, support to the site is entirely down. There is no more money to do such a task.

Nick: I am not offering you SEO, neither PPC. It’s something completely different. Just send me keywords of your interest and I’ll give you traffic guarantees on each of them. Let me demonstrate how it works and you will be surprised by the results. 25 Jan 2024.
Thank you Nick. (Battle of the Bulge, St Vith, Malmedy Massacre, Military History,)
– Thank you Nick.

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