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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Sometimes, not to say often, I come across documents of more than 200 pages among which, only a few are interesting (within the framework of WW2). It would be easier to dismiss such documents, but the problem remains, some pages are interesting and may even provide information that is sometimes essential in the context of my research.
This is the reason why I created this category which under the name of Raw Archives could be called Category all-in-all.

Your Devoted Servitor, Doc Snafu

Hermann Göring – Letter to Churchill

Document Source: Archives EUCMH via Imperial War Museum, London (Nuremberg, October 10, 1946 - Last letter from Hermann Goering to Sir Winston Churchill). Mr. Churchill, You will have the satisfaction to survive me and my comrades in misfortune. I do not...

Alaska in World War Two

The text you are about to read is part of an almost scientific archive on a very specific subject, Alaska during World War Two. Originally, this study traces the evolution of Alaska since its takeover by the USA. The...

OSS WW-2 Initialisms, Abbreviations, Acronyms

Document Source US National Archives OSS Glossary of Initialisms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms Office of Strategic Services Records (Record Group 226) World War Two. A-2 - Air Intelligence, US Army AAF - Army Air Forces ABDA - American-British-Dutch-Australian Command Abwehr - German Military Intelligence ACC - Allied Control Commission AFHQ...

Mil Abbeviations WW-2

Become a Part of the Project and Upload Abbreviations (Mil WW-2 to the Webserver for publication- Thank You Raw Archives - Military Abbreviations as used in World War Two. Canada ADGB - Air Defence of Great Britain AVRE - Assault vehicle, Royal Engineers Bde...