Document Source: Order of Battle of the United States Army, World War II, European Theater of Operations. Office of the Theater Historian, Paris, France, December 20, 1945.

A soldier tries to ease the pain of the bleeding driver until medical aid arrives after the Jeep he was driving hit a german Teller mine near Metz, France. All that remains of the Jeep is a twisted mass of metal. Sept 8, 1944

The 7th Armored Division was activated on March 1, 1942, at Camp Polk (Louisiana) and moved on September 15 to the IV Corps Louisiana Maneuvers. It returned to Camp Polk on November 9, arrived on March 11, 1943, at the Desert Training Center for the #2 California Maneuvers, was transferred on August 12, 1943, to Fort Benning (Georgia) and arrived at Camp Myles Standish (Massachusetts) on April 22, 1944. The Division staged at Camp Shanks (New York), from May 2, 1944, until departed the New York POE on June 7 and arrived in England on June 14. The 7th Armored Division landed in France on August 11, 1944, crossed into Belgium on September 26, and into Holland on October 8, 1944. It returned to Belgium on December 28, 1944, and entered Germany March 15, 1945. The division arrived at Hampton Roads POE on October 9, 1945, and was inactivated at Camp Patrick Henry (Virginia) the same day.


Killed in Action, 887
Wounded in Action, 4174
Missing in Action, 1050
Captured, 39
Battle Casualties, 6150
Non-Battle Casualties, 4352
Total Casualties, 10502

Medical Evacuation

Lucky Seventh

The mixture of insignia and distinctive colors of several arms incorporated in the Armored Force symbolize integrity and esprit. It is an interlocked ornament, found in Nordic monuments, composed of three torques: red for Artillery; blue for Infantry; and yellow for Cavalry. The symbols represent the characteristics of Armored Divisions: the tank track, mobility, and armor protection; the cannon, fire power; and the red bolt of lightning, shock action.


Activated, March 1, 1942
Arrived ETO, June 13, 1944
Arrived France, August 10, 1944
Entered Combat
– (First Element) August 13, 1944
– (Entire Division) August 14, 1944
Days in Combat, 172.


Northern France
Central Europe


Commanding Generals

Maj Gen Lindsay M. Silverster, Jun 13, 1944
Brig Gen Robert W. Hasbrouck, Nov 1, 1944
Maj Gen Robert W. Hasbrouck, Jan 4, 1944

Division Artillery

Col Orville W. Martin, Jun 13, 1944

Chiefs of Staff

Col George H. Molony, Jun 13, 1944
Col Andrew J. Adams, Jun 15, 1944
Col Church M. Matthews, Nov 13, 1944
Col John L. Ryan Jr, Dec 17, 1944

Assistant Chiefs of Staff – G-1

Lt Col John V. Maxwell, Jun 13, 1944
Maj Charles R. Grant, Jan 24, 1945
Lt Col Charles R. Grant, Mar 1, 1945

Assistant Chiefs of Staff – G-2

Lt Col Everett W. Murray, Jun 13, 1944

Assistant Chiefs of Staff – G-3

Lt Col Alvin L. Mente Jr, Jun 13, 1944
Lt Col Charles E. Leydecker, Sept 2, 1944.


Assistant Chiefs of Staff – G-4

Maj Reginald H. Hodgson, Jun 13, 1944
Lt Col Reginald H. Hodgson, Jul 15, 1944

Assistant Chiefs of Staff – G-5

Maj Rex Thompson, Jun 27, 1944
Lt Col Rex Thompson, Nov 6, 1944

Adjutants General

Maj Ralph R. Carlin, Jun 13, 1944
Maj Francis E. Carr, Jul 2, 1944
Lt Col Francis E. Carr, Oct 19, 1944

Commanding CCA

Col Dwight A. Rosenbaum, Jun 13, 1944
Col William S. Triplet, Jan 11, 1945
Col Andrew J. Adams, Mar 27, 1945
Col William S. Triplet, Apr 6, 1945

Commanding CCB

Brig Gen John B. Thompson, Jun 13, 1944
Brig Gen John M. Devine, Sept 11, 1944
Brig Gen Robert W. Hasbrouck, Sept 22, 1944
Col Bruce C. Clarke, Nov 1, 1944
Brig Gen Bruce C. Clarke, Nov 10, 1944
Col Joseph F. Haskell, Feb 9, 1945


Commanding CCR

Lt Col James W. Newberry, Jun 13, 1944
Col George H. Molony, Sept 4, 1944
Col Andrew J. Adams, Sept 11, 1944
Col Pete T. Heffner Jr, Sept 15, 1944
Lt Col William Fuller (Actg), Sept 20, 1944
Col John L. Ryan Jr, Sept 22, 1944
Lt Col Fred M. Warren (Actg), Dec 17, 1944
Col Francis P. Thompkins, Dec 28, 1944


Distinguished Service Cross, 4
Legion of Merit, 16
Silver Star, 582
Soldiers Medal, 6
Bronze Star, 2907
Air Medal, 95
PW’s taken, 113.041.

Order of Battle – 1944-1945

Hqs & Hqs Company
Combat Command R
Combat Command A
Combat Command B
17th Tank Battalion
31st Tank Battalion
40th Tank Battalion
23rd Armored Infantry Battalion
38th Armored Infantry Battalion
48th Armored Infantry Battalion
87th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mecz)
33rd Armored Engineer Battalion
147th Armored Signal Company
7th Armored Division Artillery
434th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
440th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
489th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
7th Armored Division Trains
129th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion
77th Armored Medical Battalion
Military Police Platoon


7-AD Attachments
Antiaircraft Artillery

203d AAA-AW Battalion (SP), 12 Aug 1944 – 9 May 1945


4th Armored Brigade (UK) (7-AD UK), 30 Oct 1944 – 31 Oct 1944
CCB (9-AD), 22 Dec 1944 – 7 Jan 1945


14th Cavalry Group, 18 Dec 1944 – 1 Jan 1945


300th Engineer Combat Battalion, 25 Mar 1945 – 17 April 1945
D/307th Airborne Engr Bn (82-A/B), 21 Jan 1945 – 23 Jan 1945


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