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5307 Galahad – CBI – Feb/ May 1944

In the thick of battle, the soldier is busy doing his job. He has the knowledge and confidence that his Job is part of a unified plan to defeat the enemy, but he does not have time to survey...

5307 – Combined Ops Burma 1944

During the Second World War, the United States fought as a member of the largest military coalition ever formed. Across the world, millions of American soldiers, sailors, and airmen joined with the fighting forces of other nations to defeat...

5307 Galahad – Walawbum March 1944

Operations of the 5307th Composite Unit, Provisional, (Merrill's Marauders) in Walawbum, Burma, Mar 2, to Mar 7, 1944, China - Burma - India Campaign, Maj John K. Eney Orientation & Introduction This monograph covers the operations of the 5307th Composite Unit...