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Wild Bill Donovan’s Office of Strategic Intelligence Files, Federal Bureau of Investigations Intelligence Files, General Wartime Intelligence Files and Central Intelligence Agency Files.

Operation Pastorius : Duquesne Ring 1942

Operation Pastorius was a failed German intelligence plan for sabotage inside the United States during World War II. The operation was staged in June 1942 and was to be directed against strategic American economic targets. The operation was named...

SOE Codes – ETO

Special Operations Executive (SOE) Codes Operations in Europe A particularly rare thing in this world often reserved for men is the fact of being able to put women in the honor. And God knows if they deserve it because they took...

OSS Study : Adolf Hitler

(OSS File) Memo copy is from RID/ATI file folder on Adolf Hitler filed under Wah X-2 Personalities #13; the folder contains 1 copy of a 28 page report on Heinrich Himmler in addition to the 68 page paper on...

German Capitulation Northern Italy (OSS)

Gen William Joseph 'Wild Bill' Donovan (Jan 1, 1883 – Feb 8, 1959) was an American soldier, lawyer, intelligence officer, and diplomat, best known for serving as the head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to...