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Military Studies (US)

Para Raiders – USMC-WW-2

Lt Col Jon T. Hoffman, US Marine Corps Reserve. Official Study - War Department, Silk Chutes and Hard Fighting, USMC Parachute Units in World War II, History and Museums Division, Headquarters USMC - Washington DC - 1999 Foreword This historical pamphlet...

AGF Cbt Observations 319.1/48

319.1/48 (Foreign Obsrs) (S) GNGBI. (3-29-43) SUBJECT: Observer Report. E.S. Johnson, Col Infantry / Observator TO : By Auth Commanding General, Army Ground Forces / Date 3/29/43 Commanding Generals: V Army; Second Army; Third Army; III Corps; IV Corps; VII Corps; VIII Corps;...

Jedburgh (12-AG Support) 1944

Foreword The Jedburghs were three-man teams parachuted into occupied France after D-Day to develop liaison with the Resistance. They were truly inter-allied, French (103), Belgian (5), Dutch (5), British (90) and American (83). Each of the 93 teams included a...
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