The EUCMH Links Page will exclusively contain links that link to the EUCMH website, and website related to Military Arts Websites, Historical Websites, History and Historians Resources Websites, Military Memorial Websites and finally Militaria Collecting Webshops as well as Tactical Gears Webshops. The bottom part will be reserved for Veterans Help.

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Academia Edu, Military Documents – USA
Andrea Sutcliffe – WW2 Tracing (Edward E. Johnson)
Armchair General Wev Resources

Battle of the Bulge Memories
Blogspot Alejandro (Mil Tech)

Donauschwaben in den USA

Felgrau – A really good History Forum
Forum Axis History
Forum Histomil (Photos)
Forum Large Scale Airplanes
Forum Striparna (Slovenia)
Forum (Netherlands) Eerste & Twedere Wereldoorlog
Forum World War Two Russia

Hannah Tomlin – It’s All in the Past
History Channel Nat Geo
History Net – WW2

Infogalactic : 99th_Infantry_Division_(United_States)
Lonesentry: Photographs, Documents, and Research on World War II

Marion Chard – 6th Corps Combat Engineers
Models & Reductions – War scale 1/18 (Italy

Old AF Sarge – History

Pinterest – EUMCH – Images
Serge Averbukh, Canada – 3D Insignias
Steve Snyder Author (USAAF)

War Culture and Reading Room
Warren Watson – 30-ID Old Hickory Website
World War Two Database
World War Two in Zuid Limburg (NL)
World War Two – On This Day
World War Two – Today
Westpoint Education – WW2
World War Two History

World War Two – Utilities

American World War II Orphans Network
Battle of the Bulge Association
US Army Historical Foundation
Veterans of Foreign Wars

Search Engines

Obrazy Sernam
Search Visymo

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Important Links – Could Save Your Life

Veterans & Traumatic Brain Injuries – Heal ahead

Veterans Moving Forward – Facebook Chat

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

Mesothelioma – Veterans

Veterans and Mesothelioma: We are dedicated to giving back to the men and women who served in the armed forces and put their lives on the line for our country. Something as simple as posting our support link would go a long way to helping those affected by this disease.

Email from: Carl Jewett, LCDR, US Navy, Retired, VA Accredited Claims Agent

I would like to offer our help with serving your community of veterans. The Veterans page of our website offers free, veteran-specific resources and support for patients and families nationwide. If you add this link to your website Links page, I feel it would be a valuable resource for your community.
I also believe another great resource is our page,, as I receive many questions about the mesothelioma case process from veterans who reach out to me. This page I wrote would help answer most of the questions they have and dispel any misconceptions they might have.

Free VA Claims assistance to veterans exposed to asbestos – A monthly online support group where we discuss a variety of topics pertaining to cancer patients – An on-staff doctor and nurse available to answer any medical-related questions – Patient Advocates that work 1-on-1 with individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups and Free VA Claims assistance to veterans exposed to asbestos

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