Solwaster, Belgium, May 18, 2024

I am Gunter Gillot, a Belgian with a deep-rooted passion for history that borders on obsession. Born on May 4, 1955, I have spent my entire life immersing myself in the intricacies of past events and unraveling their mysteries. From ancient civilizations to modern warfare, I have dedicated countless hours to uncovering hidden truths and untold stories. My knowledge is unparalleled, my insight unmatched. But there is a darkness that shrouds me, a secretive nature that keeps others at bay. I guard my findings fiercely, sharing only scraps of information with those deemed worthy of my trust. To unlock the secrets of history is to hold power unimaginable – and I am its silent guardian, watching from the shadows as the world spins on unaware of the truths waiting to be revealed.

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The second key in developing interesting archives is the practice of sharing wartime documents and photos. By sharing these materials, historians and researchers can gain valuable insights into the events, people, and circumstances of a particular period in history. It allows for a deeper understanding of the experiences and perspectives of those who lived through these times, providing a more comprehensive view of historical events. Furthermore, sharing documents and photos also helps to preserve them for future generations, ensuring that important pieces of history are not lost or forgotten. This collaborative approach to archiving creates a rich and diverse collection of resources that can be used to educate and inform others about the impact of war on society. In conclusion, sharing wartime documents and photos is crucial in developing intriguing historical archives that contribute to our collective knowledge and understanding of the past. If you want to send something to me use the address at the bottom of every pages of the site.

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Right: Joe Lombardo, USA, Grandson of PFC Joseph Lombardo, Left Doc Snafu in Solwaster, September 2023