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Document Source: Order of Battle of the United States Army, World War II, European Theater of Operations. Office of the Theater Historian, Paris, France, December 20, 1945; Order of Battle, Normandy, Omaha Beach, Michel Clémençon, Gunter Gillot at Foxmaster Publishing; Order of Battle, D Day Overlord & Wikipedia.

Editor’s note. I have in my archives 2900+ photos devoted to the Normandy Landings of June 6, 1944, all in high definition. According to the estimates made, I had two possible choices in the creation of this archive; upload as many photos as possible and thus walk the reader through the images of the liberation of France, without using their original captions in a way that keeps this post at a relatively acceptable size, or placing a photo from time to time in the text with its caption and only use a few dozen images for the entire archive. I opted for the first solution because most of the photos are known and the captions are available on the Internet. Note also that I scaled the image to 1024 pixels.

Supreme Allied Commander: Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander: ACM Sir Arthur W. Tedder
Chief of Staff: Gen Walter B. Smith
Deputy Chief of Staff: Gen Sir Frederick E. Morgan
Deputy Chief of Staff: Gen Sir Humfrey M. Gale
Deputy Chief of Staff: AVM James M. Robb
Secretary, Gen Staff: Col Ford Trimble
G-1: Gen Ray W. Baker
G-2: Gen K. W. D. Strong
G-3: Gen Harold R. Bull
G-4: Gen Robert W. Crawford
G-5: Gen A. E. Graselt
Adjutant General: Col C. Boehnke
Air Defense Division: Gen A. M. Cameron
Engineer Division: Gen B. W. Hughes
Headquarters Commandant: Col Robert Q. Brown
Medical Division: Gen Albert W. Kenner
Political Officers: Ambassador William Phillips
Psychological Warfare Department: Gen Robert A. McClure
Signal Division: Gen H. H. Vulluamy

21st Army Group: Gen Sir Bernard L. Montgomery
– 1st US Army: Gen Omar N. Bradley
— V Corps: Gen Leonard T. Gerow
— 1st Infantry Division: Gen Clarence R. Huebner
— 29th Infantry Division: Gen Charles H. Gerhardt
— Provisional Engineer Special Brigade: Gen William M. Hoge
— Provisional Ranger Group: Col James E. Rudder
— VII Corps: Gen Lawton J. Collins
— 4th Infantry Division: Gen Raymond A. Barton
— 82nd Airborne Division: Gen Matthew B. Ridgway
— 101st Airborne Division: Gen Maxwell D. Taylor
— 1st Engineer Special Brigade: Col Eugene M. Caffey
– 2nd British Army: Gen Sir Miles C. Dempsey
— I Corps: Gen Sir John Tredinnick Crocker
— 3rd British Division: Gen Tom G. Rennie
— 3rd Canadian Division: Gen Rodney Frederick Leopold Keller
— 51st (Highland) Division: Gen David Charles Bullen-Smith
— 6th Airborne Division: Gen Richard Nelson Gale
— XXX Corps: Gen Gerard Corfield Bucknall
— 50th British Division: Gen Douglas Alexander Henry Graham
— 49th (West Riding) Division: Gen Evelyn W. Baker
— 7th Armoured Division: Gen George Watkin Eben James Erskine
— 1st Special Service Brigade: Gen Christopher Fraser, Lord Lovat
— 4th Special Service Brigade: Gen B. W. Leicester

Naval Commander in Chef: Adm Sir Bertram H. Ramsay
– Western Task Force: RAdm Alan G. Kirk
— Assault Force O: RAdm John L. Hall Jr
— Assault Force U: RAdm Don P. Moon
— Follow-Up Force B: Commodore Campbell D. Edgar
— Service Force: RAdm John Wilkes
— Mulberry Harbour: Capt Dayton A. Clark
– Eastern Task Force: RAdm Sir Philip L. Vian
— Assault Force G: Commodore 1/Cl Cyril Eustace Douglas-Pennant
— Assault Force J: Commodore 1/Cl Geoffrey Nigel Oliver
— Assault Force S: RAdm Arthur George Talbot
— Follow-Up Force L: RAdm William Edward Parry

Air Commander in Chef: ACM Sir Trafford L. Leigh-Mallory
– 9th Army Air Force: Gen Lewis H. Brereton
— IX Tactical Air Command: Gen Elwood R. Quesada
— XIX Tactical Air Command: Gen Otto P. Weyland
— IX Troop Carrier Command: Gen Paul L. Williams
— IX Bombardment Command: Gen Samuel E. Anderson
— IX Air Department Command: Gen Frank H Richardson
— IX Engineer Command: Gen James B. Newman Jr
– 2nd Tactical Royal Air Force: AM Sir Arthur Coningham
— No. 2 (Bomber) Group: AVM Basil Edward Embry
— No. 34 (Baloon Barrage) Wing: Wing Commodore C. R. Lousada
— No. 83 (Composite) Group: AVM Harry Broadhurst
— No. 84 (Composite) Group: AVM Leslie Oswald Brown
— No. 85 (Base) Group: AVM John Beresford Cole-Hamilton
Transport Command: ACM Sir Frederick Bowhill
– Airborne & Transport Force: AVM Leslie Norman Hollinghurst
— No. 38 Group: AVM Leslie Norman Hollonghurst
— No. 46 Group: Air Commodore Arthur Leonard Fiddament
— No. 44 Group: ACM Sir John Nelson Boothman
– Air Defense of Great Britain: ACM Sir Roderic Hill
— No. 10 Group: AVM Arthur Vere Harvey
— No. 11 Group: AVM Hugh William Lumsden Saunders
— No. 12 Group: AVM Malcolm Henderson
— No. 13 Group: Air Commodore John Auguste Boret
Bomber Command: ACM Sir Arthur Harris
– Royal Air Force Bomber Command: ACM Sir Arthur Harris
— No. 1 Group: AVM Edward Arthur Beckton Rice
— No. 3 Group: AVM Richard Harrison
— No. 4 Group: AVM Roderick Charles Carr
— No. 5 Group: AVM Ralph Alexander Cochrane
— No. 6 Group: AVM Clifford M. McEwen
— No. 8 Pathfinder Group: AVM Donald Clifford Tyndall Bennett
— No. 100 (BS) Group: AVM Edward Barker Addison
US Strategic Air Force: Gen Carl Toe Spaatz
– 8th Army Air Force: Gen James H. Doolittle
— 1st Bombardment Division: Gen R. B. Williams
— 2nd Bombardment Division: Gen J. P. Hodges
— 3rd Bombardment Division: Gen C. E. Le-May
— VIII Fighter Command: Gen W. E. Kepner
– 15th Army Air Force: Gen Nathan F. Twining
Special Air Service Brigade: Brig Roderick McLeod
– 1 Special Air Service: Col Robert Blair Mayne
– 2 Special Air Service: Col Brian F. M. Franks
– Special Air Service: Capt Pierre Château-Jobert
– 4 Special Air Service: Commandant Pierre-Louis Bourgoin
– 5 Special Air Service: Capt Edouard Blondeel

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