The first group of US Army WACs to be assigned to duty in France, disembarks from an LCM on the French coast. Huly 7, 1944

Barbara Wace, (left) war correspondent for the Associated Press, who is accompanying the first US Army WACs to be assigned to duty in France, has her lifebelt tightened by Cpl Selma Chapmond, daughter of Earl Chapmond of Winter, Texas. Cpl Chapmond is going with the group as a staff writyer for the Stars and Stripes. 1944

Dee Kurtz, York, Pa, gives out doughnuts to a tank crew in France. October 2 1944

After twelve long hours of duty, Miss Ryram is relieved by the night nurse, 2/Lt Marvis C. Field, St Albans, Vt, at the 2nd Evacuation Hospital. July 24, 1944

(Uncompleted Caption) H. Droste (left) with the US 6-AD, Olive, Illinois, assist Lt Margueritte Rice, an US Army nurse, from Belmont, Mass, with the newly issued Makinaw Winter Jacket, at a new officer’s store, France, Octobezr 31, 1944

Lt Donald McEween, Portland, Oregon, and Lt Louise King, San Antonio, Texas, pay for their purchases as they leave the new officers’ store somewhere in France. HQs 6th Armored Division

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Three army flight nurses who have been trained in evacuation of wounded by air are shown boarding a transport plane in the Caribbean. Pictured left to right are: Lt Irene Gukeisen of Parkston, South Dakota; Lt Myrtle J. Miller of Lansing, Michigan; and Lt Jane Jordan of New Glasgow, Virginia

Personnel of a USAAF Air Evacuation Hospital Unit in England. Standing, left to right: 2/Lt Anna G. Rananhan of South Bend, In; 2/Lt Ethyl L. Guffey of Shawnee, Ok; 2/Lt Marion L. Hammesch of New Rockofrd, N-D; 2/Lt Dorothy C. Barlow of Supulpa, Oh; 2/Lt Florence M. Deluca of Staunton, Ma; and 2/Lt Mary L. McHugh of Oklahoma City, Ok. In plane, left to right: S/Sgt Emory W. Craver of Perry, Pa; Sgt Kenneth D. Schulze of Fond Du Lac, Wi; and S/Sgt Harold M. Stockseth of Salt City, Ut.

To their blues and whites members of the US Navy Nurse Corps have added grays. The new gray uniform is worn here by Lt (jg) Julia Anna Muraresku (center), of Philadelphia, Pa. Ens. Kathleen Litty (left), of Brainard, Neb, wears the blue uniform and the nurse in the white is Ens. Leona McKibbin, of Hayes Center, Neb. House of Hospitality (nurse quarters), Casa del Rey Moro Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif, 1944

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