Pvt Helen E. Sellers, 213 N. Cherokee Ave, Claremore, Oklahoma, left and T/5 Emma D. Newell, 1112 E. Worthington Ave, Charlotte, NC, try their hand at horseshoe pitching, while on bivouac in France. WAC Det, 12-AG, Hqs. November 1, 1944

Bivouacked in a field near their headquarters, Pvt Joy M. Caldaronello, 5111 El Verano Ave, Eagle Rock, Calif, shows her bracelet to Pvt Hellen E. Sellers, 213 N Cherokee Ave, Claremore, Okla. 12-AG HQs, WAC Det, France, November 1, 1944

Pfc Jane Lee Wolford, 502 E. Luray Ave, Alexandria, Va, tends fire while T/5 Mary Lacour, 2712 E St, San Diego, Calif, fixes their hair and Pfc Frances M. Thornton, 2752 29th St, San Diego, Calif, waits in pup tent. France, November 11, 1944 (12-AG Hqs WAC Det)

Pvt Joy M. Caldaronello, 5111 El Verano Ave, Eagle Rock, Calif, and Pvt Jane Lee Wolford, 502 E. Luray Ave, Alexandria, Va, brew a cup of hot coffee. 12-AD, Hqs, WAC Det, France, November 11, 1944

Fort Oglethorpe, 15th Company, 21st Regiment, 3rd WAC Training Center 1944. 1/Lt Vivian A. Rhodes, Commanding

Pfc Nancy C. Wordell, left, 120 Moore St, Fall River, Mass, happily receives a Christmas package from home, delivered by the familiar symbol of Christmas, Santa Claus. Thousands of Christmas gifts are pouring into mail rooms similar to the one pictured above, all over France. Mail clerks, such as Pfc Eva J. Hensley, second from left, and Sgt Harriet M. Nowaczyk, right, work long hours sorting heavy loads of letters and packages to insure that every WAC will have her package from home on Christmas Day. ETO November 2, 1944

Brig Gen Allen Kimball, HQs Commandant, Communication Zone, awards Bronze Star to WAC Sgt Margaret Wright, 1118 Stilwwod Drive, NE, Atlanta, Ga, for meritorious service in connection with military operations. Paris, France, May 19, 1945

WAACs drill on the grounds of Fort Des Moines in September 1942

While many WACs remained in the United States during World War II, the Army deployed thousands overseas. Here a group of WACs disembark from a troopship at Casablanca, French Morocco, on August 6, 1943

WACs pose by the tail guns of a 401st BG B-17 at an 8th Air Force base in England in January1944

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