Cpl Loretta Mary Hall joins her Sergeant friend in feeding the ATC station mascots. These miniature kangaroos are better known as wallabies

WACs arrive at the 9th Army Air Force Headquarters in Sunninghill, Berkshire, England. 24 May 1944

Eight servicewomen of the Medical Section, 3561st Service Unit, Women’s Army Corps (formerly Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps) playing outside with one of the small dog mascots, possibly “Corporal Khaki”, kept by the WACs at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The Medical Section of the 3561st Service Unit was composed of African-American women who worked as ambulance drivers, ward attendants, clerks, typists, librarians, and medical assistants and technicians in the Station Hospital

In England, bombers returning from missions over Germany which have been damaged or have lost their bearings receive new directions from these WACs in a mobile control unit truck. The WACs standing around the table are plotters who by means of strings track the course of the plane on an operational map. The WAC in the background is the controller’s clerk. The officer is the controller whose job it is to maintain direct communications with the pilot, the course of whose ship the WACs are plotting. Left to right, they are: Pfc Llewellyn Grayson of Philadelphia; Cpl Emily Fisher of Boston, Ohio; Pfc Doloris Beauchamp of Waltham, Massachusetts; 2/Lt William Arnold; T/5 Ethel Robson of Staunton, VA; and Sgt Susie Kercheval of Marion, Indiana.

Lt Barbara A. Rogers, (right), WAC recruiting officer, is doing business in new offices established by the US Army recruiting service on the fifth floor of the First National building. Miss Patricia Charnley (left), of 1229 S. State St., was one of the first prospective Wacs interviewed in the new office, which opened yesterday, and which is open daily from 11 o’clock unitl 7 o’clock. Arrangements for the office were made through the local WAC recruiting committee headed by Mayor Leigh J. Young and Henry Barnes Jr, April 1944 (© The Ann Arbor News)

Ruth Cowan in war correspondent uniform

US Army nurses from Bataan and Corregidor, freed after three years’ imprisonment in Santo Tomas Internment Compound, climb into trucks as they leave Manila, Luzon, the Philippines, on their way home to the US. The nurses are wearing new uniforms given to them to replace their worn-out clothes

The first group of US Army WACs to be assigned to duty in France, disembarks from an LCM on the French coast. Huly 7, 1944

The first group of US Army WACs to be assigned to duty in France, disembarks from an LCM on the French coast. Huly 7, 1944

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