American Red Cross club mobile girls arriving in France find that there is quite a bit of heavy work to be done, such as unloading their equipment, but they dig into it cheerfully. The girls go up almost to the front lines, distributing doughnuts, coffee, and other comforts to the fighting men. France, July 19, 1944

These nurses, with the US 2nd Evacuation Hospital awaiting their turn for shower. France, July 24, 1944

Standing and supervising the work of these WAC switchboard operators in France is Sgt Agatha L. McDonald, St Andrews, Nova Scotia, the chief operator. Others are L to R, Pvt Donalda Campbell, Gowan, Mich; Pvt Betty J. Clark, Akron, Ohio; Cpl K. Ida Douglas, Cleveland, Ohio; Pfc Mary W. Whiteus, Conesville, Ohio; T/5 Teresa M. Gordon, New Orleans, La; and Pfc Eleanor Moyniban, Boston, Mass. France, August 9, 1944

Pvt Eleanor J. Gorman, daugther of Mrs Joseph Gorman, 28 Glen St, Glen Cove, L.I., New York, works at digging her foxhole; somewhere in France. Working on the camouflage, is T/5 Juantita R. Bond, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Theuret, 164 Flower St, Costa Mesa, Calif. August 7, 1944.

After eating chow in the field, WAC, Cpl Melba Weber, Chicago, Illinois, a member of the WAC detachments in France, cleans her messkits. August 4, 1944.

By listening to the victrola, these members of a WAC detachment relax after a busy day’s work somewhere in France, August 4, 1944

Pvt Claire A. Scigliano, 58 Austin St, Hyde Park, Mass, one opf the first WACs to arrive in France, offers French children gum and candy, August 7, 1944

USO also participated in WW-2. Dinah Shore autograpfs cast on wrist of Sgt Norman Garrell following performance for GI’s in Norther France. Garrell, Hollywood resident, had a part in one of Dinah Shore’s films. France September 13, 1944

Film star, Marlène Dietrich, entertaining from a group of GIs and WAC at the Headquarters, Third Army, somewxhere in France. Joey Faye, left, and Jerry Cummings, pianist, accompanied Miss Dietrich

Pfc Mildred I. Smith, Onerga, Illinois, works in the mapping section of the Engineers, checking every detail of maps used by the Army in the invasion of Germany. Hundreds of tons of maps are used. France, October 16, 1944. Engineer Intelligence Division

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