Marlène Dietrich is poissed for a kiss from Sgt Stanley R. Strurous, as he satnds at the stage doors, somewhere in the ETO. (134th Infantry Regimenty, 35th Infantry Division. October 27, 1944)

Miss Betty Brittian, Pasadena, Calif, hands Cpl Wm B. Brooks, Clayton, Ga, inside the tank, a cup of coffee and doughnuts. ETO, October 1, 1944

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Four nurses cut up a German Paratrooper’s Parachute Canopy fro scarves. L to R, Lt Lois A. Gray, Louisville, Ky; Lt Louella Wtenzel, Los Angeles, Calif; Lt Marie Thompson, New York City, and Lt Olive Orpin, Peabody, Kan, all members of a US Army Evacuation unit in France. October 3, 1944

Marlène Dietrich, movie actress, chats with T/4 Winifred Anderson, New York City, during a visit with WACs, somewhere in France. (US 12th Army Group HQs, November 11, 1944)

Sgt Juaniota Bond, Costa Mesa, Calif, chats with actress Marlène Dietrich duriong the actress’s visit with WACs somewhere in France. L to R, Sonya Horoshko, Mt Clemens, Mich, Pfc Gloria Watrson, Grand Rapids, Mich, and Sgt Winifred Anderson, New York. (12th Army Group Hqs) France October 18, 1944

Germans carved swastikas into young pumpkins in France and the swastikas grew in size right along with the pumpins. Now that the harvest is on, there are huge piles of pumpkins, each bearing an ingrown swastika. Many of the pumkins have found their way into WAC mess halls and billets. Here, WAC Pfc Eddy Divine, Shelby, NC, gets ready to do a little fancy carving on Hitler’s emblem. 1944.

Lt Mable V. Gardner of Ridgeway, Pa, ANC, wears the new battle blouse of the new uniform prescribed for Army nurses. November 1, 1944

T/5 Mary H. Lacour, 271 E. St, San Diego, Calif, and Pfc Frances M. Thornton, 2752 29th St, San Diego, Calif, bed down in their pup tent while living in the field near an Army HQs in France. 12th Army Group, Headquarter, Wac Detachment

WACs eat K-rations and sandwiches while on bivouac in France. The girls are attached for work with and army headquarters. (WAC Detachment) 12-AG Hq. November 1, 1944

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