Source Documents: Order of Battle of the United States Army, World War II, European Theater of Operations. Office of the Theater Historian, Paris, France, December 20, 1945, and Danny S. Parker, Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive, 1944-1945, 1991, Combined Book Inc, Hong Kong and Shelby S. Stanton, Order of Battle US Army, Presidio Press, Novato, California, 1984; different additional sources.


US1st Army (1-A): Gen Courtney H. Hodges

– 526th Armored Infantry Battalion
– 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)
– 61st Engineer Battalion
– 158th Engineer Battalion
– 299th Engineer Battalion
– 300th Engineer Battalion
– 1278th Engineer Battalion
– Trp B, 125th Cavalry Recon Squadron
– 9th Canadian Forestry Company


US V CorpsV Corps (Corps Troops): Gen Leonard T. Gerow

– 51st Engineer Battalion
– 112th Engineer Battalion
– 146th Engineer Battalion
– 202nd Engineer Battalion
– 254th Engineer Battalion
– 291st Engineer Battalion
– 296th Engineer Battalion
– 186th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)
– 941st Field Artillery Battalion (4.5″ GUN)


US 78-ID78th Infantry Division: Gen Edwin P. Parker

– 309th Infantry Regiment
– 310th Infantry Regiment
– 311th Infantry Regiment
– 307th Field Artillery Battalion
– 308th Field Artillery Battalion
– 309th Field Artillery Battalion
– 903rd Field Artillery Battalion
– 303rd Engineer Combat Battalion
– 709th Tank Battalion
– 552nd AAA Automatic Weapon Battalion
– 893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
– 95th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
– 303rd Engineer Combat Battalion
– 303rd Medical Battalion
– 78th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– Headquarters Special Troops
– Headquarters Company, 78th Division
– Military Police Platoon
– 778th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
– 78th Quartermaster Battalion
– 78th Signals Company


US 99-ID99th Infantry Division: Gen Walter E. Lauer

– 393rd Infantry Regiment
– 394th Infantry Regiment
– 395th Infantry Regiment
– 370th Field Artillery Battalion
– 371st Field Artillery Battalion
– 372nd Field Artillery Battalion
– 324th Engineer Combat Battalion
– 535th AAA Automatic Weapon Battalion
– 924th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 196th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 776th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)
– 801st Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed)
– 324th Engineer Combat Battalion
– 324th Medical Battalion
– 99th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– Headquarters Special Troops
– Headquarters Company, 99th Division
– Military Police Platoon
– 799th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
– 99th Quartermaster Battalion
– 99th Signals Company
– 102nd Cavalry Group, Mechanized
– 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion


US 2-ID2nd Infantry Division: Gen Walter M. Robertson

– 9th Infantry Regiment
– 23rd Infantry Regiment
– 38th Infantry Regiment
– 12th Field Artillery Battalion
– 15th Field Artillery Battalion
– 37th Field Artillery Battalion
– 38th Field Artillery Battalion
– 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion
– 462nd AAA Automatic Weapon Battalion
– 16th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (CCB)
– 18th Field Artillery Battalion (4.5″ Rockets)
– 200th Field Artillery Battalion (less Btry B) (155-MM GUN)
– 955th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)
– 987th Field Artillery Battalion (less detachments)(155-MM SP GUN)
– 741st Tank Battalion
644th Tank Destroyer Battalion (M-10)
– 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed)
– 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion
– 2nd Medical Battalion
– 2nd Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– Headquarters Special Troops
– Headquarters Company, 2nd Division
– Military Police Platoon
– 702nd Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
– 2nd Quartermaster Battalion
– 2nd Signals Company

American soldiers on a German Mark VI-2 (King Tiger) tank which had been knocked out by American Air Force fighter-bombers during the Battle of the Bulge, the German counter-offensive of December 1944 in the Ardennes area of Belgium

9-ADCCB 9th Armored Division: Gen William M. Hoge

– 881th Tank Destroyer Battalion (M-18)(less detachments)

Three US infantrymen in the snow during the Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes, Belgium, World War II, January 1945

US VIII CorpsVIII Corps (Corps Troops): Gen Troy H. Middleton

– 35th Engineer Battalion
– 144th Engineer Battalion
– 159th Engineer Battalion
– 169th Engineer Battalion


US 106-ID106th Infantry Division: Gen Allan W. Jones

– 422nd Infantry Regiment
– 423rd Infantry Regiment
– 424th Infantry Regiment
– 589th Field Artillery Regiment
– 590th Field Artillery Regiment
– 591st Field Artillery Regiment
– 592nd Field Artillery Regiment
– 81st Engineer Combat Battalion
– 820th Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed)
– 14th Cavalry Group, Mechanized
– 275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
– 634th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion
– 563rd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion
– 333rd Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)
– 559th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM GUN)
– 561st Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM GUN)
– 578th Field Artillery Battalion (8″ HOW)
– 740th Field Artillery Battalion (8″ HOW)
– 770th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)
– 771st Field Artillery Battalion (4.5″ GUN)
– 965th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)
– 969th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM HOW)


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