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13-AD13th Armored Division The mixture of insignia and distinctive colors of several arms incorporated in the Armored Force symbolize integrity and esprit. It is an interlocked ornament, found in Nordic monuments, composed of three torques: red for Artillery; blue for Infantry; and yellow for Cavalry. The symbols represent the characteristics of Armored Divisions: the tank track, mobility, and armor protection; the cannon, fire power; and the red bolt of lightning, shock action.

The 13th Armored Division was activated on October 15, 1942, at Camp Beale (California) and participated in the IV Corps Oregon #1 Maneuvers from September 15 to November 8, 1943, after which it returned to Campp Beale; transferred to Camp Bowie (Texas) on December 18, 1943, and staged at Camp Kilmer (New Jersey) on January 14, 1945, until departed the New York (POE) on January 17, 1945, heading for France where the Division landed on January 30, 1945. The Division entered Germany on April 3, 1945. After the cessation of fire in the European Theater, the 13th Armored Division was sent back home, arrived at Newport News (Virginia) on July 23, 1945, and moved to Camp Cooke (California) on July 30, 1945 where the unit was inactivated on November 15, 1945.


Killed in Action 105
Wounded in Action 366
Missing in Action 22
Captured none
Battle Casualties 493
Non-Battle Casualties 246
Total Casualties 739

Central Europe

Activated October 15, 1942.
Arrived ETO January 29/30, 1945.
Arrived Continent (D+237) January 29, 1945.
Entered Combat (First Elements) March 19, 1945.
Entered Combat (Entire Division) April 10, 1945.
Days in Combat 16

Silver Star, 6
Bronze Star, 102
Prisoners of War Taken 27.827


Commanding General
29 Jan 45, Maj Gen John B. Wogan
17 Apr 45, Maj Gen John Millikin

Artillery Commander
29 Jan 45, Col Alfred E. Kastner
14 Apr 45, Lt Col John M. Smoller
19 Apr 45, Col Alfred E. Kastner

Chief of Staff
29 Jan 45, Col Herbert H. Frost
1 Apr 45, Lt Col Dale E. Means (Acting)
19 Apr 45, Col William H. Wood

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
29 Jan 45, Lt Col Richard E. Hussey

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
29 Jan 45, Lt Col Lloyd G. Buchler

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
29 Jan 45, Lt Col Daniel E. Means
1 Apr 45, Lt Col Daniel H. Heyne
19 Apr 45, Lt Col Daniel E. Means

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
29 Jan 45, Lt Col Orvie Highum

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
14 Mar 45, Maj William R. Whitaker Jr

Adjutant General
29 Jan 45, Maj Ray N. Stetter
1 Apr 45, Lt Col Ray N. Stetter


CO, Combat Command A
29 Jan 45, Brig Gen Wayland B. Augur
14 Apr 45, Col Alfred E. Kastner
19 Apr 45, Col Peter C. Haines
29 Apr 45, Brig Gen Wayland B. Augur

CO, Combat Command B
29 Jan 45, Col Harold G. Holt

CO, Reserve Command
29 Jan 45, Col Frank R. Williams
6 May 45, Col Charles G. Rau


Order of Battle

Headquarters Company
Combat Command A
Combat Command B
Reserve Command
24th Tank Battalion
45th Tank Battalion
46th Tank Battalion
16th Armored Infantry Battalion
59th Armored Infantry Battalion
67th Armored Infantry Battalion
93d Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized)
124th Armored Engineer Battalion
153d Armored Signal Company
13th Armored Division Artillery
497th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
496th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
498th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
13th Armored Division Trains
135th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion
83d Armored Medical Battalion
Military Police Platoon

Antiaircraft Artillery
574th AAA AW Bn (SP) 19 Mar 45-13 May 45

7th Armd Grp 11 Apr 45-17 May 45

Field Artillery
254th FA Bn (155-MM How) 3 Apr 45-18 Apr 45

Tank Destroyer
820th TD Bn (T) 10 Apr 45-12 Apr 45
630th TD Bn (T) 10 Apr 45-12 Apr 45
801st TD Bn (SP) 27 Apr 45-12 Jun 45

CCR 8th Div 14 Apr 45-17 Apr 45

Field Artillery
13th Armd Div Arty XXI Corps 17 Mar 45-22 Mar 45


Command Post
29 Jan 45, Omondville, Seine Inferieure, France
1 Feb 45, Bacqueville-en-Caux, Seine Inferieure, France
15 Mar 45, Soissons, Aisne, France
16 Mar 45, Vitry, Marne, France
18 Mar 45, Avricourt, Moselle, France
25 Mar 45, Zweibrucken, Pfalz, Germany
2 Apr 45, Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland, Germany
7 Apr 45, Homberg, Hessen, Germany
9 Apr 45, Weyerbusch, Rhineland, Germany
11 Apr 45, Hanner, Rhineland, Germany
12 Apr 45, Siegburg, Rhineland, Germany
16 Apr 45, Dellbruck, Rhineland, Germany
17 Apr 45, Hilden, Rhineland, Germany
18 Apr 45, Mettmann, Rhineland, Germany
19 Apr 45, Dieringhausen, Rhineland, Germany
22 Apr 45, Eschenau, Bavaria, Germany
27 Apr 45, Parsberg, Bavaria, Germany
29 Apr 45, Ober Traubling, Bavaria, Germany
29 Apr 45, Sunching, Bavaria, Germany
30 Apr 45, Aiterhofen, Bavaria, Germany
1 May 45, Stephansposching, Bavaria, Germany
2 May 45, Tann, Bavaria, Germany


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