Independent Units

– 39th Infantry Regiment (9-ID)
– 1340th Engineering Battalion


Units Arriving 20 December from the North

– 83rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion
– 91st Field Artillery Battalion
– 18th Infantry Regiment (1-ID)
– 740th Tank Battalion
– 20th Engineering Battalion


Units Arriving 20 December from the South

3-ADIII Corps
Third Army HQ: Gen George S. Patton
III Corps HQ – Gen John Millikin

4-AD4th Armored Division: Gen Hugh J. Gaffey

– 8th Tank Battalion
– 35th Tank Battalion
– 37th Tank Battalion
– 10th Armored Infantry Battalion
– 51st Armored Infantry Battalion
– 53rd Armored Infantry Battalion
– HHB Division Artillery
– 22nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion
– 66th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
– 94th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
– 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized
– 504th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– HQ Company, 4th Armored Division
– HHC, Combat Command A
– HHC, Combat Command B
– HHC Reserve Command
– HHC Division Trains
– 46th Medical Battalion, Armored
– 126th Armored Ordnance Maintenance Battalion
– Military Police Platoon
– 24th Armored Engineer Battalion
– 144th Armored Signal Company
– 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion (M-18)


80-ID80th Infantry Division: Gen Horace L. McBride

– 317th Infantry Regiment
– 318th Infantry Regiment
– 319th Infantry Regiment
– HHB Division Artillery
– 315th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM)
– 313th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 314th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 905th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 80th Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
– 305th Engineer Combat Battalion
– 305th Medical Battalion
– 80th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– Headquarters Special Troops
– Headquarters Company, 80th Division
– Military Police Platoon
– 780th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
– 80th Quartermaster Battalion
– 80th Signals Company
– 702nd Tank Battalion
– 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed)


26-ID26th Infantry Division: Gen Willard S. Paul

Note: The 101-IR and attached units were the only troops of the 26-ID which moved northward through Luxembourg to hit the Germans along the Belgian border in the vicinity of Bastogne. The remainder of the division moved also northward but, inside Germany in the Saar Moselle Triangle, remained in Germany.

– 101st Infantry Regiment
– 104th Infantry Regiment
– 328th Infantry Regiment
– HHB Division Artillery
– 101st Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 180th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM)
– 263rd Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 102nd Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM)
– 26th Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
– 101st Engineer Combat Battalion
– 114th Medical Battalion
– 16th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– Headquarters Special Troops
– Headquarters Company, 17th Division
– Military Police Platoon
– 16th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
– 16th Quartermaster Battalion
– 16th Signals Company
– 735th Tank Battalion
– 818th Tank Destroyer Battalion (M-10)
– 179th Field Artillery Battalion
– 731st Field Artillery Battalion
– 1303rd Engineering GS Battalion
– 1306th Engineering GS Battalion
– 145th Engineer Battalion
– 178th Engineer Battalion
– 183rd Engineer Battalion
– 188th Engineer Battalion
– 249th Engineer Battalion


Units Arriving 20 December from the West

– 115th Field Artillery Battalion
– 643rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed)


Units Arriving 21 December from the North

84-ID84th Infantry Division: Gen Robert C. Macon

– 333rd Infantry Regiment
– 334th Infantry Regiment
– 335th Infantry Regiment
– HHB Division Artillery
– 327th Field Artillery Battalion (155-MM)
– 325th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 326th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 909th Field Artillery Battalion (105-MM HOW)
– 84th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
– 309th Engineer Combat Battalion
– 309th Medical Battalion
– 84th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
– Headquarters Special Troops
– Headquarters Company, 84th Division
– Military Police Platoon
– 784th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
– 84th Quartermaster Battalion
– 84th Signals Company


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