July 14 The resistance in front of Butera was overcome by a skillful maneuver by one company of Rangers and at 0300 on the morning of July 14, the leading elements entered the town of Butera. A number of Italian prisoners were taken. These men were from the 28-FAB, 1/33-Inf, and the 1/54-Inf, all of the 4-ID (Livorno). Combat Command B continued to protect the east flank of the 1-ID. Recon patrols were maintained east beyond the Acate River and northeast for a distance of several miles along the two roads running parallel to and west of the river. During the morning of July 14, the CG 2-AD received orders from the CG 7-A that all tanks attached to the 1-ID reverted to the 2-AD. CCB started assembling tanks in an assembly area between Blue Beach and Highway 115 east of Gela. During the afternoon, pursuant orders of the CG 7-A, Item 67-AR with one platoon of Able 41-AIR attached, moved to block Highway northeast of Gela between the 45-IF and the 1-ID. In the meantime, the remainder of the division continued the occupation of Butera and the organization of the hills which dominated the town.

July 15 On July 15, the disposition of the 2-AD remained unchanged. The 83-CMB was detached from the 2-AD. The 82-recon conducted patrolling of the area north of Butera and between the 3-ID and the 26-RCT (1-ID). Contact was gained and maintained with both of these units.

US M-4A1 Sherman tank lands during Operation Husky in Sicily 1943. HQs 3rd Battalion 67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division

July 16 On July 16, pursuant to the orders of the CG 7-A, elements of the 2-AD were relieved from patrols and outposts and assembled for maintenance and rehabilitation in preparation for the assembly of the entire division in the Campobello area. The beach group, the 10-AAA, and the 123-AAA were relieved from attachment to the division. During the morning of the day, the 1-ID reported that the 26-RCT was being attacked by German medium tanks and that they required help. The CG of the 2-AD alerted the tanks of the 82-Recon and the 78-FAB and led them to Barrafranca to repel the attack. Upon reaching Mazzarino, it was learned that the tank attack had been repelled with the means at hand. The 2-AD units then returned to the former areas in the vicinity of Butera.

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