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I’d like to add a little depth to my research of the 513 Parachute Infantry Regiment (17th Airborne Division) during the Ardennes counter-offensive. Col James W. Coutts, (Aug 25, 1944 – Apr 9, 1945) was its CO at that time. Who did he report to?

The Eisenhower Presidential Library has archived the combat field reports, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Chief of Staff Col Willard K. Liebel, (Aug 25 1944 – VDay) served under Maj. Gen. William M. Miley, the commanding general of the 17th Airborne Division. There were five assistant chiefs of staff, Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 through G-5. A sampling of the Eisenhower Presidential Library archives includes 17th Airborne Division Box 2 G-1 After Action Report, Dec. 24, 1944-Jan. 31, 1945 G-2 Periodic Reports, Dec. 28, 1944-Jan. 21, 1945 Box 3 G-2 Summaries, Dec. 26, 1944-Jan. 1, 1945 G-3 Periodic Reports, Dec. 27, 1944-Jan. 31, 1945 Miscellaneous G-3 Reports, Jan. Feb. 1945 (1)-(5) Box 4 Miscellaneous G-3 Reports, Jan.-Feb. 1945 (6)-(11) G-5 Periodic Reports, Jan. 4-Feb. 10, 1945 17th Airborne Artillery After Action Reports, Dec. 24, 1944-Jan. 1, 1931 Would someone there know which G (1 – 5) / assistant chief of staff would compile the field reports of 513 parachute infantry division under Col. James W. Coutts?



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