Marines carry a wounded German shepherd believed to be Caesar to the hospital tent on Bougainville

Army Pfc Raymond Gasiorowski takes Leipzig, his company’s pet puppy, for a walk in Leipzig, Germany. April 19, 1945

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During his career he flew his P-47 Fighter Rat Racer on 46 combat missions over Europe during WWII. He successfully shot down 5 1/2 enemy aircraft, and achieved Ace fighter pilot status. Frank McCauley, smiles at a dog. He did his pilot training in Texas with the Air Corps

Clyde Porter gives his dog Junior to Dogs for Defense. Most of the United States’ 20.000 war dogs were volunteered for service by their owners

The Mascot of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Source – Toni M. Kiser)

(According to the period and what they did, the US Soldiers could have shot both of these Mini-Krauts, but they didn’t). US Army Military Police questioning two German child soldiers found sniping at US soldiers. Aachen, Germany. October 1944

1944, France, US Soldier shows these little French girls the results of an Artillery Barrage thru his M-3 (6×30) Field Glasses. Note P-08 Luger Pistol Holster and thje 1st Model Compass carrying pouch with probably an M-2 Brunton Compass.

(If your size does not exceed that of a US M-1 Rifle 30.06, Garand, you are not considered as a combat soldier, which is the case for these two Mini-Krauts). US Military Police interrogate two very young Wehrmacht soldiers after the surrender of the German 19th Army in Austria, May 1945. (44th Infantry Division)

US 5-A, San Benedetto, Italy. M/Sgt Laron E. Golden, Arkadelphia, Ark, Hq, 1st Armored Division, shares his Christmas package with Italian children. 3131st Signal Services Company, San Benedetto, Italy, December 11, 1944 (Source)

Anzio area, Italy. American artilleryman Pfcx Evane Sheldon of Bothell, Washington, enjoys watching two small Italian children on his lap eating his candy. January 30, 1944 (Source)

Two hungry Italian waifs look on eagerly as Cpl John Chioda of Johnstown, Pa, prepares to share the food in his messkit with them

Pacific Theater of Operations. No Caption

P-47 ‘The Deacon’, Pilot and Mascot, 4th Fighter Group, England 1943

An RAF pilot in the cockpit of a P-40 Tomahawk with Buss, the squadron’s monkey mascot, in Libya on February 15, 1942

After the liberation of Holland US soldiers escort traditionally dresses dutch children to a concert (February 1945)

Christmas in Italy. American troops far from their own Christmas celebrations extend the spirit of the holiday to those around them. Here is a scen typical of many, M/Sgt Patsy Di Custanzo, New York City, distributes candy to children of Caserta contributed by soldiers of his unit. In the background is Yuletide tree with all the trimmings. Caserta, Italy, December 24, 1944

(Above and Below) Fifth Army Monticatini, Italy. Pfc Raymond Cyr, St. Albans, Vt, watches his 2 ‘adopted’ children to see that they get enough to eat during Red Cross Christmas party held for about 200 Italian orphans. Montecatini, Italy. December 24, 1944

The one living person among the hundreds of corpses in one cave was this fly-covered baby who almost smothered before soldiers found him and rushed him to hospital. (W. Eugene Smith)(LIFE)

London bombing, an abandoned orphan boy with a teddy bear. I didn’t want to use this photo but I thought simply that if someone would like to know a little more about PTSD …

No caption, but Occupation duty, 1st Infantry Division, Scheinfeld, Germany, 1945

The man who helped train the 1st Dog Platoon in the US Marine Corps during World War II, Homer Finley with a dog named Jack on Bougainville Island near Papua New Guinea on December 8, 1943

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