Periodical Communique Number 2 – 27 July 1944

Since July 15, the French Forces of the Interior have repelled further attempts by the Germans to liquidate the Maquis areas. German attacks have now taken the form of raids carried out by armored columns. In many instances these new tactics have been frustrated by ambushes. In the Saône et Loire Department, resistance forces have succeeded in annihilating an enemy convoy of 116 lorries. In the Pyrénées, resistance forces attacked a column of armored cars and artillery with such success that the enemy was forced to bring up reinforcements in order to avoid complete defeat. Engagements have also taken place in Morvan and in Brittany. In the Rhone Valley, resistance forces which have withdrawn from towns captured by the enemy have now regrouped in the woods. In Normandy and elsewhere, attacks against the railway system continue to disorganize the enemy’s lines of communication. In the Loiret, 30 trucks of war material have been destroyed. In the Hérault, attacks on railway lines have caused several derailments, including the wrecking of an ammunition train. Interruptions of traffic in this area lasted from 18 to 36 hours. The destruction of locks on important canals has continued, particularly in the North and in the East, thereby interfering with the transport of fuel. Barges carrying 100.000 gallons of oil fuel have been blown up, and petrol depots and convoys have been destroyed in the Nièvre.

Communique Number 104 – 27 July 1944

Allied armored thrusts in the Western sector continue to make rapid progress. One column has cut the road from St Lô to Percy in the neighborhood of Le Mesnil-Herman, while another has advanced for miles to the Southwest of Canisy. A third has driven some distance West form Marigny down the Coutances road. Between the Sèves and the Ay Rivers, an advance of some 2000 yards has cut the Périers-Lessay road. Between St Lô and Caumont, the enemy salient is being steadily eliminated and advanced troops after occupying Bérigny have reached the outskirts of Notre-Dame-d’Elle. Other forces moving West from the Caumont area have reached the village of Mouffet.

A strong enemy counter-attack towards Verrières was repulsed last night. The enemy has made no further effort in the Caen sector. Fighter bombers, supporting advancing ground forces in the St Lô sector, attacked enemy guns and transport. Military targets at Bruxelles and Ghent were attacked by small forces of heavy bombers this morning. Escorting fighters strafed roads and railway facilities in the same area. Enemy shipping off the Pas de Calais coast was attacked by coastal aircraft early today.

Communique Number 105 – 28 July 1944

In the Western sector, Allied forces have maintained their rapid advances. Our troops have pushed forward West of Marigny to the vicinity of Camprond and Southwest to the vicinity of Cérisy la Salle. Other formations have advanced South of Périers. Ground has also been gained West of Caumont. South of Caen our positions remain firm. A number of attempts by the enemy to develop counter-attacks have been broken up by our artillery and supporting aircraft which were active throughout yesterday on both sectors. In the Western sector, fighter-bombers patrolled ahead of the advancing armored columns, attacking tank units, gun positions, defended hedgerows and observation posts as far as Coutances and Southward to Villebaudon. In the Eastern battle sector rocket-firing aircraft scored hits on tanks and motorized infantry targets. East and South of the battle area, fighter bombers in strength attacked rail targets. In the Amiens – St Quentin area an ammunition train was blown up. Other rolling stock was attacked and rails cut in many places. During yesterday, at least 23 enemy planes were destroyed in the air. Twenty one-of our aircraft are missing from all operations.

Communique Number 106 – 28 July 1944

In the Western sector there has been some progress South of Lessay where Allied troops have advanced down the Lessay – Coutances road to the vicinity of Marguerin. Further East our forces have advanced up both banks of the Ay River to the area of Corbuchon. On the Périers – Coutances road a strong armored thrust has joined the Wwestward drive from Marigny in the outskirts of Coutances. Our forces have passed through Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly and are continuing down the road to the Southwest. Another force has passed through Maupertuis, north of Percy. Our forces have taken Tessy-sur-Vire and have continued along the road Southwest of the town. We are eleven kilometers from Gavray. South of St Lô and Caumont we have improved our positions. Our aircraft continued their support of the ground forces, concentrating on road and rail targets, as weather permitted. Light and medium bombers cut rail lines radiating from Paris to Montargis, Dijon, Moulins, Tours and Rouen. Supply stores near Brécey and Caillouet were hit. Fighter bombers later destroyed rolling stock in rail yards at Bueil and near Maintenon.

Communique Number 107 – 29 July 1944

Coutances is now clear of the enemy and Allied armored forces have reached the sea South of the Estuary of the Sienne River. Areas of enemy resistance North of the town are being rapidly cleared. Further progress has been made by the thrust Southwest from Notre-Dame-de-Centilly. In support of ground operations, yesterday, fighter bombers attacked an ammunition distribution point, enemy gun positions, enemy reserves and vehicles. Other fighter bombers and long-range fighters, on armed reconnaissance over Northwest France attacked locomotives, rolling stock, and road transport. Targets for our medium and light bombers were eight rail bridges northwest of Paris, an important ammunition dump in the Forêt de Senonches near Chartres, and rail centers North of Bernay. Last night light bombers attacked 18 trains and many road targets in northern France. Coastal aircraft attacked small enemy vessels off St Malo yesterday. One boat, carrying troops, was sunk. Five enemy aircraft were shot down over the beachhead last night.

Communique Number 108 – 29 July 1944

Allied armored columns in the Western sector continue to advance against stiffening resistance. One column has reached the coast West of Coutances and has taken the town of Pont de la Roque. Another column has reached Hyenville South of Coutances. Pockets of resistance at Cerisy-la-Salle and Montpinchon have been mopped up. The salient between Villebaudon and St Denis-le-Gast has been cleared of the enemy. The town of Hambye has been taken. Enemy forces are astride the Vire South of Tessy. Southeast of St Lô the Allied forces have advanced several kilometers. German military buildings near Morlais were attacked by fighter bombers this morning.

Communique Number 109 – 30 July 1944

Allied forces pushing South from Coutances have linked up with our forces in Lengronne. The whole of the road between these two towns is in our hands. An enemy force South of the Soulle River SOULLE has been surrounded and is being steadily eliminated in spite of determined efforts to break out. Our troops advancing to the West have crossed the Sienne River in several places. Percy and the Percy-Hambye road are in our hands. Heavy fighting continues in the area of Tessy. Further East, an advance of a mile has been made astride the Seulles River in the area of St Waast.

Throughout yesterday, in changeable weather, Allied fighters and fighter bombers closely supported our advancing troops. At least 20 tanks were destroyed; fighters trapped an enemy convoy crossing a bridge over the Sienne River near Gavray and destroyed 12 tanks. Enemy troops, gun positions, and bridges were hit in attacks Southwest of Coutances, and near Avranches and St Lô. Many railway cars and armored and motor vehicles were set on fire by fighters operating in the rear of the immediate battle zone and at Vendomme and in the Rouen, Arras, Amiens Area. Escorted heavy bombers, using instruments, attacked airfields at Juvincourt and Laon-Couvron. Five enemy aircraft were destroyed during the day’s operations. Five of our fighters are missing.

Communique Number 110 – 30 July 1944

The Allied advance continues in the Western sector. Bréhal, Cérences, and Gavray have been occupied and Allied troops are pushing on beyond these towns. Pockets of enemy infantry and armor which had been by-passed are being steadily eliminated. Attempts to break out with tank support by enemy encircled in the areas of Lengronne and St Denis le Gast were frustrated, and more than 30 tanks were knocked out. A strong counter-attack in the area of Tessy-sur-Vire was beaten back. In the Gaumont area an advance of three miles has been made South of the town, and Allied troops have reached the St Jean-des-Essartiers and Les Loges. To the East of Caumont, our troops have gained ground in spite of strong enemy resistance, very difficult ground and extensive mine fields.

A force of heavy and medium bombers attacked tactical targets in the Cauùont area this morning in support of the ground action there. Both visual and pathfinding techniques were employed due to the cloud layer which extended to within 2000 feet of the ground. Fighter bombers continued to support our advancing columns in the Western sector. Armed reconnaissance patrols were flown as far Eastward as Amiens, Paris and Chartres..

Communique Number 111 – 31 July 1944

An Allied armored column has entered Avranches after an advance of more than 12 miles. Another column moving South from Bréhal is within three miles of Granville. Heavy fighting continues in the area of Gavray, Percy and Tessy-sur-Vire. In the Caumont Sector, the Allied advance has made further progress and we have captured the high ground East of St Martin-des-Besaces. An enemy attack in the Noyers area was beaten off yesterday evening after hard fighting. Medium bombers attacked tactical targets in the Caumont area and fuel dumps near Argentan and Châteaudun. Fighter bombers and fighters attacked targets in close support of the ground forces, road transport behind the battle zone and rail targets in the region of Blois and Orléans. Six enemy aircraft were destroyed during the day. Eight of ours are missing. Four enemy aircraft were shot down over France during the night.

Communique Number 112 – 31 July 1944

Allied troops in the Western sectors have entered the town of Granville and are mopping up the whole area between Avranches, Granville and Bréhal. Other pockets of resistance are being cleared and heavy fighting continues Northwest of Tessy and in the Percy area. The enemy has been driven from the ground immediately South of Gavray and Allied troops have also advanced on each side of Torigny-sur-Vire. In the Caumont area, Allied progress continues and we have taken St Germain-d’Ectot, Cahagnes and St Martin-des-Besaces. Hill 309, East of St Martin, remains in our hands in spite of several enemy counter-attacks. Rail targets south of the battle area were attacked by escorted medium and light bombers. Rail bridges at Forges, Chartres, South of Domfront, and across the Loire, South of Tours, were bombed with good results. Elsewhere, poor visibility prevented immediate assessment of results. Fighter bombers were active in close support of our ground troops. Two airfields in northern France were attacked by small formations of heavy bombers shortly after noon.

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