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Victory Has Many Fathers, But Defeat is an Orphan (Jandrew)

Original Source DocumentVictory Has Many Fathers, But Defeat is an Orphan William C. Jandrew American Military University, Feb 19, 2011. MILH 551 – World War II in...

10th Mountain Division – WW-2

The 10th Light Division (Pack Alpine) was constituted on Jul 10, 1943, and activated five days later at Camp Hale, Colorado, under the command...

10th Armored Division – WW-2

The US 10th Armored Division was activated on Jul 15, 1942, at Fort Benning, Georgia, and moved on Jun 24, 1943, to the Second...

9th Infantry Division – WW-2

The 9th Infantry Division was activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on Aug 1, 1940, as the 9th Division and participated in both, the...

9th Armored Division – WW-2

The 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, was constituted on August 29, 1917, and organized as Headquarters, 3rd Brigade, 15th Cavalry Division in December of...