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Operation Anthropoid – Heydrich Assassination

Lidice: In Memoriam, Lidice uchytilova pomnik detskych obeti Lidice. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich was norn in Halle and der Saale on Mar 7, 1904. He...

Führerbegleitbrigade (Remer) BOB – (12-44/01-45)

Document Source: This document is transcribed from the copies in the collection of the US Military History Institute, Carlisle Barrack, Pennsylvania, #D739 F6713 #B-592...

Allies War Crimes (Soviets)

Document Sources: Internet, Wikipedia, German News Papers The Soviet executive order to military prosecutors of the 48th Army for taking legal measures against lootings, burning of...

Alaska in World War Two

The text you are about to read is part of an almost scientific archive on a very specific subject, Alaska during World War Two....

106-ID (1/422) Schlausenbach (12-1944)

Document Source Operations of the 1st Battalion, 422nd Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division (Golden Lion) Vicinity of Schlausenbach, Germany, December 10-19 1944 Personal Experience of a battalion...