Last Update – August 21 2020

The site is not finished – I am working on!

Being now 65 and working in the WW-2 subject for the past 40 years, I am entirely bored, almost disgusted from the way things are going on with the memory of the sacrifice being turned into a money circus. The only thing that keeps me working on the site is the respect and the memory of these brave men who gave their lives to liberate my country, something that today, 75 years later, looks really like all the tragedies generated in Allied soldiers families for this little Belgium wasn’t really worth. Just look at this country today and you’ll understand.

To make it short, I am not planing anymore to invest money into this site to keep it alive. I did that since 1995 and enough is enough. Should you want to help, to sponsor or whatever you call it, the only way is Money and Paypal. Documents and photos are also welcome but I keep asking for. Should you willing to contact me, and I do really enjoy getting news from your side, to get an answer, you have to be a registered member (it’s free). If you are not registered, then don’t spend time writing to me because I will not answer.

Well, that’s it and this was my last message to my website visitors.

The funny man on the picture is Doc Snafu, in 2015, Belgian, born May 4 1955 in Aachen Germany, son of the late Georges Gillot (my second initial) also Belgian; married to Annegret, and father of Cindy, Kimberley and Gary. Doc had tree sisters, Katrin (Heidelberg Germany); Catherine (somewhere in south France) and Carole (already in paradise). He speaks French, German and English (often all together), is a former Historical Tour Guide (with his best friend and spiritual father Charles B. MacDonald).

PS : You can use the Feedbacks page to send a message to EUCMH community, it’s open to everyone.

Doc Snafu