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Welcome to this (provisional) EUCMH Front Desk

The very first thing to know is about the ‘hit’ counter in the sidebar showing 1.8+ million. This is the ‘pageviews’ counter started in 2009 on the as well as This is the only original part of the site that followed the domain since the beginning.

1 – Newsletter The only way to receive an information Email on a new publication is to add yourself to the Newsletter systems. You will find then registering form on the homepage in the sidebar. (Newsletter – Problem solved)

2 – Website Links If you can see what available for you in a particular category (for example – USAAF Archives), I want you to know that every category name (the colored title of a category) is linked to that category page which will allow you to see all the posts available in the category. (Surfing & Linking – Problem Solved)

3 – Guest Writers You are most than welcome to send me an archive to publish. All you have to do is to have an interesting text, if, some photos to fit in the text, then to contact me for examination. This is absolutely free of charge and I will improve your archive with photos, maps, etc for free. You will be then published on EUCMH under your name (of course) in the title (if this fits – length), at the top of the post or at the end of the post and your name will be added in the ‘tags’. (Guest Writers – Problem Solved)

4 – Requests & Researches the first point is that I do not ask you to pay a particular amount of money. All I ask you is a (Paypal) minimum of $10 when your text will go live for one year. Here again, all you have to do is to contact me, send me all the info you have at hand and what you are looking for. I’ll do the layout, add photos, and publish your Request. I will then ask you for your contribution via Paypal. (Requests & Researches – Problem Solved)

(a) Before surfing the website, I want you to know that every past login and password are dead. This is a brand new database in use and to be notified about new archive releases, to comment an archives or add information to a published archive, you just have to register to be included in the system. Sorry about this but registering is free of charge, so, go ahead.
(b) Allied Units are abbreviated as follows: (US) 1st Armored Division (1-AD); (UK) British 1st Armored Division or 1-AD (UK). (German) 1.Volks-Grendier-Division or 1.VGD.
(3) – US Grades are reduced to Gen for Brigadier/Major/Lieutenant General and it goes the same for Lieutenant, Lt for 1/Lt or 2/Lt. This is on purpose because some archives are really huge.

Questions & Answers

1 – What is EUCMH and what is the mean of EUCMH?

EUCMH, because like every other website I had to find a domain name, stands for European Center of Military History. This may sound a little pompous but when I see the way that other peoples use to publish archives online (300 words for 10 advertizing spots) I think I can really use this European term. The term ‘European’ has, of course, nothing to do with the Franco-German Political Europa which is enslaving over 350 million Europeans, or anything else that looks like a blue flag with some yellow stars on it. In the case of this website, the meaning of the term Europa is used for every country inside the European continent, from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

2 – Who When Where?

(Who) I am, Gunter G. ‘Doc Snafu’ Gillot’, the owner of this site. I am also the webmaster as well as the banker, the brain, the light, etc. EUCMH is a non-profit organization and the version of the site that you are visiting today is the final version. On May 4, 2020, I’ll be 65, on rent, and that’s it. (When) The first test for this website was done in 1996 under the name ECMH. In 2002, the site became EUCMH. It was deactivated in 2005 and restarted in 2009. It changed TLDs twice (*.com to *.be) until now when the final version has recovered it *.com. (Where) For those who want to know everything, the physical base of EUCMH is located in Francorchamps, Belgium. The mail address sounds as follows: Gunter G. Gillot, rue des Thiers 8, 4970 Francorchamps, Belgium. (This being said just in case you would want to send me a 6 pack or some flowers).

3 – What is this Website’s Purpose?

In his final version, this website is my memory duty but is also a cool place to start reading about Military History because I am using only original archives which goes trough corrections and wich are finally published improved to the maximum possible. I am trying to add all the information I can gather all over the Internet to make every publication ready for use at the Student, Teacher and Historian level. Of course, some will say that some publications are not exhaustive, but I do my best to gain this best level I can and allow every reader to place a comment and add information to the released publication. This is the reason I always say that comments are welcome.

4 – Are you making money with already written archives?

No Way! The only thing for sale on the website is my work. Correcting an archive, searching photos related to the text or as a period illustration, presenting this to the reader as a professional publication that can be printed and used as-is by a student, a teacher or a historian (and for free) is nothing about the US 2 dollars I am asking for downloading an archive (WYSIWYG) is not really a way to make money. My only mean in this money request is to find the perfect way to cover the webserver costs and nothing else.

Of Course, this doesn’t mean that there is no other way for the readers to put some coins into the EUCMH Jukebox. I am also using the Paypal Donation system and I am also getting some nice donations. 2009-2020 = $ 1854, hosting costs for the same period should something like $ 4500! Anyway, the Donation button is up there and you can use it anytime you want!

5 – What resources are you proposing for Historians?

Just give me a year more or so to be up to date with the website. I mean having all the 2014 archives published and back online. After this, I will start to put new archives online (I have probably more than 1000 PDFs in the record) then I will start with my own photo collection (+20.000). I am planning to offer them as A4 (about 8×10) size printed on photo paper because I strongly believe that digital photos are worthless. But again, be patient because all this takes time and being now an old man, I want to go back fly fishing, walking and enjoying my Belgian Ardenne Forest, birds watching, and also a lot of other things like this. The last word is as follows: please don’t ask me to tour-guide you and your folks on the Battlefield. I don’t do this anymore because it really sucks to walk peoples who simply don’t care about respect and memory in the Forest. That’s way far enough for me!

The funny man on the picture is Doc Snafu, in 2015, Belgian, born May 4 1955 in Aachen Germany, son of the late Georges Gillot (my second initial) also Belgian; married to Annegret, and father of Cindy, Kimberley and Gary. Doc had tree sisters, Katrin (Heidelberg Germany); Catherine (somewhere in south France) and Carole (already in paradise). He speaks French, German and English (often all together), is a former Historical Tour Guide (with his best friend and spiritual father Charles B. MacDonald).