To my eyes, the best way to thanks peoples is to cite them in a way that they really deserve. Those peoples named below are considered as Friends of EUCMH for a simple reason, they helped me to find something I was looking for, they sent me archives or archives with photos, they helped me in a way or another, or they offered me their support via a Donation. This is just as simple.

James Christian Haahr (USA)
He was a real gentleman and a Veteran of the 101-IR, 26th Infantry Division.
James, who passed early this year, helped me in many ways. I called him a friend and he did just the same for me.

Lawrence Crivello Jr., Son of Lawrence Crivello Sr. (USA)
In 1941 – at age 22 – Lawrence Crivello Sr., was drafted into the Army, serving with the 51st Armored Infantry Battalion, which was attached to Gen George Patton’s 4th Armored Division.