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US Order of Battle

1st Infantry Division – WW-2

The 1st Division also nicknamed Fighting First or Big Red One, is the oldest division in the US Army and has seen continuous service since its organization in 1917. The division started preparing for World War II by moving...

1st Armored Division – WW-2

Col Daniel Van Voorhis took a cadre of 175 officers and enlisted men from Fort Eustis to Fort Knox in February 1932, and established a Provisional Armored Car Platoon. This was based on an earlier effort but was predicated...

7th Infantry Division – WW-2

The 7-D was activated on Dec 6, 1917, eight months after the American entry into World War I, as the 7-D of the Regular Army at Camp Wheeler, Georgia. One month later, the unit prepared to deploy to Europe...