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Photos Resources - Wartime

The Photos Resources (A new category started in Aug 2020) is the place where I will add photos every day or week. According to the fact that I have something like 9000+ full HD NARA WW-2 photos, it will take some time to have them all added to this category. So be patient and note that all the photos are available in full HD (digital) or printed on photo paper (A4 size) on request.

PTO – Guam Island

Battle of Guam A B-24 Liberator taking off from an airstrip in Guam during World War II. Photo NARA release EUCMH Max Size 1600px Battle of Guam Marines landed on Guam to free local Chamorros from Japanese occupation in World War II Photo NARA release...

PTO – Tarawa Atoll

November 1943 Pacific Theater of Operations Aftermath of the bloody invasion of Tarawa by U.S. Marines Photo NARA release EUCMH Max size 1600+ px

CBI Theater

China Burma India February 6, 1945 American and Chinese soldiers attach the flags of China and the United States to the hood of a jeep from a convoy from Ledo, India to Kunming, China. Photo NARA release EUCMH (max size 1500+ px) A convoy...

ETO – France (Normandy)

Normandy, France June 1944 Invasion of Normandy. An anti-aircraft gun crew on a US Coast Guard transport vessel during a landing in Normandy. In the photo on the left is the 3rd-class sailor John R. Smith, on the right is Daniel...

PTO – Peleliu Island

Marine Corps Special Forces (MARSOC) Peleliu Island September 15, 1944 American marine special forces rest after the invasion of Peleliu Island. Photo NARA release EUCMH This photo is available in full HD (3000+ x 2000+ px)

PTO – Saipan Island

Pacific Theater of Operation Saipan Island June 1944 US Army units awaiting orders to attack Japanese defensive positions in the Battle of Saipan Island. Photo NARA release EUCMH This photo is available in full HD, 3000+ x 2000+ px Pacific Theater of Operation Saipan Island 1944 US Marines...

ETO – Germany (44/45)

Battle of Germany Junkersdorf December 12, 1944 A soldier from the 9th US Infantry Division talks with a German prisoner of war captured during battles for the German city of Junkersdorf, Third Reich. Photo NARA release EUCMH This photo is available in full HD...

Black Soldiers in WW-2

France, July 12, 1944. American black-skinned sappers in France are training in clearing communication lines. These men, from left to right in the photo are: Sergeant Bennie Burns; Sergeant Vincent MacNeill; Sergeant Frank Mack; Private 1st Grade Riggles McCutcheon; Sergeant John...