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North-African Theater

9-ID (Artillery) – El Guettar – Tunisia

9-ID (Artillery) Report General: Units of the 9-ID Artillery (less the 60th Field Artillery Battalion which had been detached) moved on Mar 25/26, 1943, to bivouac areas in the vicinity of Gafsa. Unit commanders made map and terrain recon on...

1-ID – Z-Y Beaches – Torch

The following archive is the G-3 report of the participation of the 1st Infantry Division in Operation Torch, French Morrocco, North Africa, Nov 8, 1942. It is submitted in compliance with AR 345-105. Mission On Sept 4, 1942, the 1-ID was...

1st Ranger – Djebel el Ank – Tunisia

Col William Orlando Darby (Feb 8, 1911 – Apr 30, 1945) was an US Army officer who fought during WW-2 and was killed in action in Italy. He was posthumously promoted to brigadier general. Darby's first assignment was as...

Love-26 (1-ID) – Maknassy – Tunisia

Operations of Love Co, 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, in the Night Raid on Maknassy, Tunisia, December 17, 1942. Personal experience of a Company Commander. Maj Stephen B. Morrissey Official histories of World War II, it has been claimed, will...