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Monday, January 17, 2022
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Combat Operations in France South and East

Operation Dragoon – Planning

The invasion of Southern France, Operation Dragoon, was characterized by an 'on again - off again', attitude at the highest political levels. Sir Winston...

3-ID (Anvil-Dragoon) French Riviera

The preliminary planning for Operation Anvil-Dragoon, an Operation first code-named 'Anvil' and later changed to 'Dragoon' because it was believed that the original name...

26-ID (Yankee) WW-2 – ETO

The 26th Infantry Division (Yankee Division), has been a famous division for almost two centuries of American burgeoning and growth. The lineage of the...

26-ID (Raw Data) Sgt James Haahr

Archive sent to EUCMH by Sgt James 'Jim' Haahr (USA), 101st Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division 1944-1945. You can, of course, use the information...