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This category includes all the archives about the US Army Air Forces I have published yet. Note that the AAF category will contain all the AAF documents for North African Theater, the Mediteranean Theater, The European Theater, Great Britain (if some), the Pacific Theater and China Burma India.

Doolittle Tokyo Raid – 18/04/1942

The Doolittle Raid of April 18 1942, was the first air raid by the USA to strike the Japanese home islands during WW-2. The mission was notable in that it was the only operation in which USAAF bombers were...

AVG – Flying Tigers

You fly a P-40 with two hundred gallons of aviation fuel that last two and a half hours for five hundred miles. When you fill-up with another two hundred gallons you use fifty-four-gallon tins that came, across the 681...

AIR OPs – CBI – WW-2

Air Operations - China-Burma-India Maj Edward M. Hudak, Command and General Staff College, May 31, 1949. The problem! To determine the need for, extent, and results of air operations in the China-Burma-India Theater. Facts bearing on the problem! (1) The critical condition...