Able Co – 825-TDB
After Action Report
January 1, 1945 – January 17, 1945.
Maps: Germany, 1/25.000, Malmedy, sheet 5502, France and Belgium, 1/25.000, Stavelot, sheet 81, (South)

During the period January 1, 1945, to January 5, 1945 (inclusive) the company occupied positions as shown on the overlay. At 0830 hours, on January 6, 1945, orders were received from the CO of the 823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, that this company would occupy positions presently occupied by unIts or 823-TDB. The change is to be effected within a 48-hour period. At 1700 hours on this date, the 3rd Platoon of this unit moved to and occupied positions in the vicinity of (758026). At 1030 hours, January 7, 1945, the 1st Platoon (- one section) moved to and occupied positions at (755036), and at 1300 hours, the 2nd Platoon moved to and occupied the positions at (735025).

At 1400 hours, January 8, 1945, the section of the 1st Platoon moved to alternate positions and fired 11 rounds of HE at an enemy OP. The fire was effective; Guns were then moved back into the original positions at (765036).

All positions remained the same during the period from January 9, 1945, to January 15, 1945, inclusive. No casualties during the period although all positions received light enemy artillery fire and concentrations of Nebebwerfer fire.

At 1630 hours, on January 16, 1945, orders were received from Col Hansen to assemble the company in Meiz (Francorchamps), (755742). At 1830 hours, the 1st Platoon closed in the assembly area. At 1900 hours, the 3rd Platoon closed also in the assembly area, and at 2000 hours, the 2nd Platoon closed in the assembly area. At 2300 hours, on this date, orders were received through the 526-AIB that the company was relieved of the mission, and would return to the T Force in the vicinity of Marneffe (Belgium).

At 0930 hours, January 17, 1945, the company moved from Meiz, and arrived at Marneffe at 1530 hours. Distance traveled 60 miles.

Joseph H. Dibert
Capt, 825th TD Bn
Commanding, Able Co

Note (Doc Snafu) I have 6 maps from the area and no one fits with the overlay. I have to move ahead and can not be bugged. That’s why I put the overlay online for someone who has the good map.




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