Document Source: United States Army Order of Battle, World War Two (1945)

13th A/B Div Troopers

13th Airborne Division, Black Cat Division.

The division insignia is a winged Unicorn in golden orange placed on an ultramarine blue shield. The Unicorn is associated, by tradition, with the qualities of virtue, courage, and strength. The division is commonly known as the Black Cat Division because of the flaunting of superstition during its activation on Friday, August 13, 1943.

Commanding Officers

Comdg Gen – Maj Gen Eldridge G. Chapman, Feb 6, 1945 – Deativation
Asst Div Cmdr – Brig Gen Hammond M. Monroe – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
Arty Cmdr – Brig Gen Eric S. Molitor – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
CofS – Col Hugh F. Harris – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
ACofS G1 – Lt Col Bernard G. Teeters – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
ACofS G2 – Lt Col William J. Blythe – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
ACofS G3 – Lt Col Frederick O. Hartel – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
ACofS G4 – Lt Col Sigfried E. Carlson – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
Adjutant General – Lt Col Samuel A. Lewis – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
CO 515th Prcht Inf – Lt Col Harley N. Trice – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
– Col Harvey J. Jablonsky – Feb 12, 1945 – Deactivation
CO 517th Prcht Inf – Col Rupert D. Graves – Mar 1, 1945 – Deactivation
CO 326th Gli Inf – Col William O. Pointdexter – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation
CO 88th Gli Inf – Col Samuel Roth – Feb 6, 1945 – Deactivation


Activated, Aug 13, 1943.
Arrived ETO, February 6, 1945.
Arrived Continent, February 10, 1945, ((D+249)
Entered Combat, No Combat.
Days in Combat, None.


Did not enter combat.


Central Europe

Legion of Merit, 6
Bronze Star, 39

Note: the 88th Glider Infantry Regiment was disbanded on March 1, 1945. The 515th Parachute Infantry Regiment, assigned to the division on March 10, 1944, was replaced by the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment on the same date. In 1943, the division contained also the 189th Glider Infantry Regiment and the 190th Glider Infantry Regiment which were disbanded on December 4-8, 1943, and replaced by the 88th and the 326th Glider Infantry Regiments.

13th A/B Div Troopers

Order of Battle (1945)

515th Parachute Infantry Regiment
517th Parachute Infantry Regiment
88th Glider Infantry Regiment
326th Glider Infantry Regiment
222nd Airborne Medical Company
13th Parachute Maintenance Company
129th Airborne Engineer Battalion
153rd Airborne Antiaircraft Battalion
13th Airborne Division Artillery
458th Parachute Field Artillery Bn (75-MM)
460th Parachute Field Artillery Bn (75-MM)
676th Glider Field Artillery Bn {75-MM)
677th Glider Field Artillery Bn (75-MM)
409th Airborne Quartermaster Company
Special Troops
HQs Company, 13th Airborne Division
Military Police Platoon
713th Airborne Ordnance Maintenance Company
513th Airborne Signal Company
Reconnaissance Platoon

The 13th Airborne Division arrived in France on February 6, 1945, and was never sent to combat. The division didn’t participate in Operation Varsity in Germany because of the insufficient airlift. It remained in France until August 15, 1945, and was sent back to the USA to be disbanded.

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