This beautiful book is intended to honor all veterans for their sacrifices on the battlefields of the European and Pacific theaters during World War II. It further honors military police everywhere who have served America in the honorable tradition of military service, exemplifying high levels of esprit de corps. It brings recognition to one of the oldest units in America’s military history. More specifically, this book recognizes and pays tribute to a small group of men: the MP Platoon of the 2nd Infantry Division who fought in Europe in World War II. From D-Day +1 at Omaha Beach, through the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany, to their final destination of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, on May 7, 1945, and the conclusion of the war, this small group of men performed above and beyond their call of duty, earning the Meritorious Unit Service plaque for their contributions to the war effort. This MP unit had a large role in supporting and participating in combat operations and in the eventual defeat of a determined enemy. The author, James Daniel Edwards, the son of James Douglas Edwards Military Police Platoon, 2nd Infantry Division World War Two, has sent me a copy of his book ‘Defining Moment at Wirtzfeld’ and I was really happy to read again something about my place (almost) during the Battle of the Bulge.

Patrick V. Garland, MSG, MPC (retired)
Author of ‘A Forgotten Soldier – The Life and Times of Major General Harry Hill Bandholtz’.
Very few books are written on the roles played by support troops during wartime. Being a retired military policeman, I am always on the lookout for tales related to my field. This book is written by a career policeman whose father happened to serve as an MP during WW2. The author does a good job of honoring his father but goes further by researching other members of the unit and their accomplishments. The result is an interesting and thorough history of his father’s unit, the 2nd MP Platoon, 2nd Infantry Division (Indianhead), from 1940 through 1945. The book is well illustrated with period photographs of the members of the platoon as they moved across the countries of Europe. In addition, it is very well-researched and records the names of the men from the unit who were killed in action. Also included are military documents that probably list each and every man who served with the unit during the war years. This would be a good read for any WW-2 Historian, but especially for those with the added interest of the 2nd Infantry Division and its Military Police Platoon.

Richard L. Ross
This book describes events most thoroughly!! The detailed descriptions and supporting photographs give life to the aspect of this book.

Tim Sinkule
Great Book, My dad was one of the MPs in the book with James Edwards.

Hubert Savelberg
We live in the village of Wirtzfeld in the Belgian Ardennes, exactly opposite the Elsenborn Ridge where the Battle of the Bulge started on Dec 16, 1944. It was that day when this Military Police Platoon described in this book and around that time located in Wirtzfeld answered the attacks from the German army coming from Büllingen for the first time. This book completes our understanding of the history of our beautiful village and gives interesting insights about the long road brave soldiers had to endure to free our countries. We’ll keep the book in our guesthouse library.
Hubert and Brigitte Savelberg-Welsch, Wirtzfeld Valley

Defining Moment at Wirtzfeld (EUCMH Amazon Affiliate)

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