Plan Limited (Neuchatel) – 1918


Vintage WW-1 Brass Plant Ltd Neuchatel Switzerland US Corps of Engineer Marching Compass. (Collection EUCMH)

Being 2 1/8″ (across) in size, this brass US Engineer Corps compass was manufactured by at least 2 companies: the Cruchon & Emons Company located in London, England, and the Plan Ltd. Company located in Neuchatel, Switzerland. This compass represents an early (1918) attempt at a mirror compass with an (originally) polished brass insert in the cover which allows the card (bearings printed in reverse) to be read while sighting on a target. The bottom of the case is stamped with Plan Ltd. Neuchatel Switzerland and an individual serial number. The top of the case is marked US Engineer Corps. Something to be noted is that this kind of compasses contains Radium paint (0.5 microsieverts/h).

I don’t have, unfortunately, the original leather pouch (carrier) and I am asking my readers in the USA to help me find one. Note that all the compasses from the US Army are warmly welcomed (1900-1990) because these are the only items I am collecting. I planned to write a book about these things but it seems that most of the peoples prefer to dump them in the trashes instead to give them away.

This Compass was sold to me for a very fair price, in fact just the shipping costs, by Missis Rebecca Downs-Learney, Houston, Texas, USA. (Again thank you, Debbie)

As told, I am searching for this compass’ pouch (carrier) or any other strange pouches (carriers) compasses you maybe have and would like to give away.

Gunter Gillot
Rue des Thiers 8
Francorchamps, 4970, Belgium

Thank You

PS : Additional information about this compass, the manufacturer or the Engineer Contract is, of course, welcome.

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