(Image Source: IMA-USA)

Original IMA Caption: Very few available. IMA has received a small delivery of these exceptionally rare German WW-2 Wooden gripped K-98 Bayonets that were modified by the Norwegian Army to fit US WW-2 Garand Rifles. Each has the standard 10.5-inch blade in very good condition. The mounting lug channel was adjusted, and a bracket has been welded to the top of each to lock into the gas tube on the front of the rifle. Each comes complete with an original scabbard, modified with a bracket to fit the US GI WW-2 1936 Pattern Belts. Truly excellent condition, many with original markings intact (markings vary). Exceedingly Rare. The modified Bayonet only fits the M-1 Garand Rifles. These will no longer attach to the Mauser K-98 rifles, and will not work with the 1903 Springfield rifles.

Just thought that this was something interesting to share.

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