Army Sighting Levels – WW-2



First Study the Line Drawing

To obtain a level line sight through the peep-hole until the bubble is centered opposite the middle line. The short stadia lines above or below the center line are used for shooting straight lines only (not level).

Use of Short Stadia Lines

If the first line above or below the center line is used this straight line would represent a drop or rise of six inches (6″) at one hundred feet (100 ft). If the second stadia line above or below the center line is used this would represent a drop or rise of twelve inches (12″) at 100 feet (100 ft). The same applies to the other lines above or below the center lines.

For best results, drive a stake or board into the ground about five feet (5 ft) long. Level the end of the board or stake with your Sighting-Level. After this is done, place the Level on the end of the stake or board and sight from the base. Do not move your board or stake after once setting. If a straight line is required below the center line place a thin piece of wood or cardboard of the desired thickness under the eyepiece end of the Level. This will allow a reading below the line. The bubble should be directly opposite the short stadia line. If a reading above the center line is desired place a piece of wood or cardboard under the objective end. This should be adjusted so that the bubble will be directly opposite the short stadia line above the level line.

For Amateur or Engineer

So simple the most inexperienced person will find this instrument valuable for Grading, Checking Contours, House or Fence Building, Surveying, Students’ Field Work, Checking Lines; Lining up Buildings, Piers, Camp Sites, Golf Courses; for Architecture and Road Building.

Thousand s of these Levels are in use by carpenters, masons, farmers, engineers and inexperienced young men. Commendable letters are coming in from all parts of the United States from satisfied users who have found countless practical uses for this Sighting Level.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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(NB : Published for Good – July 2019)

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