This is a request of one friend on Linkedin, William Love, Military Specialist, Fort Douglas Military Museum.

William Love sent the following message :
Hello Doc,
I am currently coordinating the restoration of a WW I German 77-MM cannon. The wheels are problematic as they are rotted almost beyond repair. Would you happen to know if there are any such wheels remaining in Europe?
Gunter G. Gillot Jr (Doc Snafu) sent the following message:

I did usually found almost every kind of German wheels for the past 30 years (over 30 sets) – I can start a search but I really need images of (1) the old ones (2) one gun in wartime! btw … sad it wasn’t 75 Pak 43 – I have just sent 2 sets to scrap!

William Love sent the following message:
Some genius painted the whole thing gloss gray, but the wheel design is still there 😢

Gunter G. Gillot Jr (Doc Snafu) sent the following message :
I see that the band around and the middle part are OK – I think that the best would be to simply find a good carpenter to redo the woodwork with new oak – and I think in the USA you have a lot of old peoples still able to do this work – if you don’t find someone we can redo this over here but I don’t know about your budget for the shipping and re-shipping of the wheels and the woodwork. Let me know. Besides this, if it is still possible to find wartime wheels those are mostly theses with rubber bandage around – the old kind (WW-1) with a metallic bandage can also be found but only in gardens were peoples use them for decoration purpose.
I will start to look around – who knows!

By the way, I have a friend in the USA who possesses the only remaining one remaining 150 or 201-MM German Feldhobitz (WW-2) Seattle Wa. Should you be interested because I think that he will sale everything soon check for Willis Sam Cole (or Lady Jeannet B-17) you will find him 100%

William Love sent the following message :
Thank you for the info!

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